Led.Co Lighting

Sage Ledbetter started his first company when he was 16, cutting yards and repairing irrigation systems. Shortly before college, he began working for a local landscape lighting company and quickly grew to love transforming landscapes with the art of light. He incorporated outdoor lighting into his existing business and began lighting residential homes. The company grew quickly, and he was soon transforming commercial spaces, neighborhood entrances to town squares and even wedding and event venues throughout the Southeast with his artistic lighting concepts. 
In 2020, after seeing a need for expansion, Sage partnered with Auburn Electric owner Greg Lanier and his wife, Aileene Goodner Lanier, to create their own lighting company. They named it Led.Co Lighting, incorporating Sage’s last name into the brand. With Sage’s seven years of designing and installing lighting and Greg’s 25-plus years as a successful business owner, they created a solid business model, which allowed for even more growth. Earlier this year, Led.Co expanded to event lighting, creating Led.Co Lighting Events. This division is dedicated to lighting weddings, sports venues, social venues and corporate events.
“We pursue excellence, not only in every installation but in every client interaction,” says Ledbetter. “We also stand behind our work. If we install a system today and a bulb goes out tomorrow, we’ll be there to fix it. And our relationship with a client isn’t over once we’ve finished lighting up their space; we continue to maintain the system for years to come.”
In addition to new installations, Led.Co Lighting also offers upgrades to older residential and commercial halogen lighting systems, converting them to LED. “Changing out your halogen bulbs to LEDs has many benefits,” explains Ledbetter. “Most importantly, an LED bulb will last for the life of your landscape. With an average lifetime of 30,000 hours, you will never have to change the bulbs. You will also save tremendous amounts of energy. For example, if you have a 30-watt halogen bulb, you can replace it with a 5-watt LED bulb. That’s an 80% savings in your electric usage.”
In 2022 Led.Co Lighting expanded to serve the entire Southeast, coordinating lighting designers to be in certain cities at a time, with the lighting crew following shortly after with the installations. “Once we settle on a custom design,” says Ledbetter, “we try to have it installed and operating within three to four weeks, regardless of the location. Our goal as a company is to eventually have a team in every major city in the Southeast. Because we have very big goals and continue to achieve them, we have grown a lot in just a few short years.”
Sage Ledbetter was born and raised in Auburn and graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in agriculture economics. He played football for Auburn University and was also a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He met his wife, Maggie, while at Auburn. She is a second-grade teacher at Auburn Early Education Center. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his free time with his wife, hunting, fishing and traveling. The Ledbetters just added two Golden Retriever puppies, Moose and Winston, to their family and are enjoying being parents to their new fur babies.