Hello! My name is Tucker Pugh. I’m celebrating my birthday this month, and I’ll be 9 years old. I’m a dachshund, and I live with my daddy and mommy (Scott and Jennifer Pugh) and big sister (Ellie Pugh).
I’m a very outgoing little guy. When our front door is open and I happen to see someone walking across the street on the sidewalk, I always love to run and greet them. Sometimes it scares people when I do that, but once I greet them, it’s all better. So, if you’re ever over in Wyndridge and see me, just say hi!
One of the reasons I love living in Wyndridge with my family is our neighbors. One of my favorite neighbors is Ms. Joyce. She is like having another grandmother. When my parents are away, she comes and lets me out.
I love wrapping up in blankets and hiding from everyone. It’s one of my quirks! My favorite treat is canine sausage links, and my favorite thing to do is go for car rides. I even have my own car seat so I can sit up high and look out the window. I also love going to Pet Palace Hotel every day while my mommy and daddy work because I get to hang out with all my friends. The staff at Pet Palace has given me the nickname “Tucker Pecan.”
I’m blessed to have many toys. Some of them were passed down to me from my brother, Cooper, who passed away last year. I love bringing them to my family members to throw for me so I can run, go get them, and bring them back for them to throw again!