Lorraine's Bake Shop

Lorraine’s Bake Shop specializes in custom-decorated sugar cookies for all occasions, from weddings and baby showers to birthdays and retirement parties — and everything in between! They can even create logo cookies for staff appreciation days and other business events.
Owner Lorraine Richie is the creative genius behind Lorraine’s Bake Shop, and since 2012 when the business first launched, she has lovingly decorated every cookie by hand. Due to her ever-growing reputation as a culinary artist, she has seen the shop expand and grow into the thriving bakery that it is today. Her beautiful cookies have even been featured in Alabama Weddings magazine! 
Reflecting on her journey that led her to this point, Lorraine told us that when her kids were little, she started baking sugar cookies for them to decorate. Being an artist, she longed to create beautiful cookies with intricate details like Martha Stewart, but for the first few years, she was consumed with helping the kids do their own thing, which was mostly sprinkling on colored sugar. When they got to the point where they didn’t need quite so much supervision, she began experimenting and loved not only the result but the process as well.
At first, it was just holiday cookies for her family and other gatherings, but then she started getting requests from friends to make cookies for occasions such as birthdays and baby showers. In 2012, thinking that making and selling cookies could be a fun side hustle, she advertised on Facebook that she would be taking orders for Valentine’s Day and ended up with orders for 23 dozen cookies! That was the beginning of a very sweet journey, but it doesn’t end there.
All this time, Lorraine and her family had been living in New Jersey. Through Instagram, she was contacted by Montgomery event planner Evan G. Cooper, who began consistently ordering cookies for his events. Through this great exposure, she was able to establish and grow her business in the Montgomery area, although she didn’t live here.
Because they were open to relocating and in the position to do so, Lorraine and her family personally delivered cookies to Evan on a couple of occasions to check out the area. Of course, they loved it! Although the process took much longer than they expected, they finally moved to Montgomery in March 2019 and quickly got Lorraine’s Bake Shop up and running in its new location. For now, Lorraine’s is an online shop, and orders can be placed at www.lorrainesbakeshop, but she does “pop up” at Prevail Coffee on Dexter Avenue quite often. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the next pop-up will be!
“Even after all this time, I still love decorating cookies, and I truly put my heart into every single one,” says Lorraine. “Some might say that’s a bit over the top. After all, it’s just a cookie. But in the end, it’s not about the cookie; it’s about the person who is being celebrated and the sense of community that gathers people together. I’m so grateful to be a small part of that.”
Lorraine’s Bake Shop
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"I cannot say enough good things about Lorraine's! Lorraine goes above and beyond with her designs — which always turn out fantastic. Outside of the design, her cookies are to die for! They aren't chalky, they are easy to bite into, and they taste fresh. Not only are the cookies something to rave over; Lorraine’s is a complete gem in the heart of Montgomery, and I'm so lucky to have found her! If you're looking for someone to nail your vision to a T, or even just looking for a really good cookie, LOOK NO FURTHER! Lorraine's is the way to go!" — Ali Payne of Ali Payne Photography