Meet Sean Rotolo of Oxi Fresh

A Family Business

Sean Rotolo is the owner of Oxi Fresh. He heads up a crew of five – three technicians, an assistant, and a sales representative – to serve our community and those in the surrounding areas. His business is unique not only because of its cutting-edge techniques but also because of the integrity and devotion of his team. 

Oxi Fresh services carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery. They use 90% less water than other carpet cleaners, resulting in a one-hour dry-time. Further, their cleaning system uses encapsulation crystals that continue to trap debris and prevent it from reattaching to the carpet while continuing to bring out stains as you maintain regular cleaning. Though they are only three years old, they have managed to win the Bold City Best award three years in a row – the first time being after only a few months of operation. They were also voted Best of St. Augustine.

The awards and the recognition simply point to what any of their customers already see and know. The team works their hardest to give the best results while upholding high standards and cultivating a hometown feel. One of the ways they do this is by sending the same technicians to repeat customers. The cleaning is important, but so is the relationship and trust of the client.

Sean is happy to say that all of his employees remained on the team throughout COVID. “Truthfully, I think of them more as a family.” Says Sean. “We work together, and we celebrate together. I was grateful that they stayed on with us at Oxi Fresh when they could have left the workforce.” Further, Sean is thankful for his clients, who continued to support the business through the pandemic, allowing them to stay on the job.

Catalina and Salvatore are the children of Sean and his wife, Cristina. They’re in kindergarten and first grade and enjoy competitive gymnastics, karate, and golf. When they’re not participating in extracurriculars, you might find them lending a hand in the family business as well. “

Family is first, last, and always.” Sean states. “Our business prioritizes it. We give the team days off to see their kids get awards. We know that if the family is together, we’re good.”

When Sean, Cristina, and the kids are not working with Oxi Fresh, they're hanging out in the yard, going to parks, or simply enjoying time with one another.

When you need Oxi Fresh’s services, don’t hesitate to give them a call. With a quick dry time, an enhanced clean, and top-rate service, you’ll be recommending them to all of your friends.