Teen's Perspective


What is it really like to be a teenager in 2022? With all the new technological advances and new discoveries in science on a daily basis, life is much different than it was 20 years ago. 

As teenagers, we are able to go on our phones and play video games as a way of entertainment. We have access to a whole new world with just a touch of a button. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to get us to go outside when everything we need is indoors — our safe haven.

Finding friends is a much easier task. There is no need for verbal communication (and the awkwardness that comes along with it). Since we as teenagers feel more comfortable in our personal bubble, we sometimes want to have our alone time — whether playing video games or just calling our friends. 

Although, not all teenagers are introverted. Many teenagers still love going outside and having fun with their friends. It is a stereotype that “the reason we get into trouble is because of our phones.” In some cases, this may be true (like internet safety and overuse of social media), but it’s not always the case. Our phones are what can bring us together with many more people while remaining safe at the same time and let us explore a whole new world.

Despite the fact that our phones are a great advantage to us, it is not the only thing that revolves around our life. Going outside, having fun, and spending quality time with our family are still important to us. Remaining safe on the internet is still important, and our technology should not be taken for granted. In short, technology can have both a positive and negative effect on teenagers. Now, how will you take this into your hands?