Duke Duncan of the Wilderness Subdivision!

Duke is a lovable Saint Bernard who has been a cherished member of the Duncan family since August 2016. Stuart, Mary, Joe (30), Claire (28), Jack (22), and Anna (20) Duncan moved from Chicago to Chesterfield in 1996, and Duke's journey began when the family decided that their golden retriever, Chloe, needed a companion. They found Duke at a pet store in O'Fallon, Missouri, and instantly fell in love with his gentle nature. Despite his imposing size and weight of 140 pounds, Duke is a big softie at heart and adores his family.
According to the family, Duke is a very picky eater. Despite his towering height, Duke never attempts to snatch food from the kitchen table and only eats from his dog bowl a few times a day. Although one Christmas, the kids received a ping pong table. As they played, the ball accidentally fell to the ground, and Duke, ever the helpful pup, quickly retrieved it. However, in his excitement, he accidentally swallowed the ball. The family rushed him to the vet, and after some anxious moments, Duke managed to cough up the ball safely.
Duke takes his role as the protector of the yard and the house very seriously. While he may not be fond of strangers visiting, his love for his family knows no bounds. To ensure Duke's safety, the family installed an invisible fence, allowing him to roam freely within the confines of their backyard.
Stuart, Duke's dad, takes charge of his grooming needs, making sure Duke always looks his best. The highlight of Duke's day is going for walks around the neighborhood with Stuart, exploring the sights and sounds of their community together. Make sure to wave hello next time you see them!