Lexi Lampman

Lexi with Percy and Ember

Lexi Lampman is a 6th grader at Rockwood Valley Middle School who lives on Pine Creek with her sister, Zoe (one of our previously featured kids) and her twin brother, Quinn, her parents, Tiffany and Michael Lampman, and two dogs named Percy and Ember.

Lexi began swimming in 2021 and is now involved in competitive swimming. She is on the LifeTime swim team in St. Louis and practices four nights a week to get ready for meets in the spring and summer. Breaststroke and backstroke are her favorite because the practice drills are fun and the moment she pushes off the ledge of the pool to start is thrilling. When she’s not swimming, she enjoys watching TV.

Stranger Things is Lexi’s favorite TV show for the way it mixes humor and horror. She says, “My favorite character is Steve Harrington because I love how funny his character is and that he went from being mean to nice and funny.” Lexi is thinking of becoming an actress herself when she grows up since she loves being on stage and acting. 

Lexi has always loved dogs. “When we rescued Percy and Ember, I knew I loved them so much… When I grow up, along with being an actress, I want to do something with animals or kids.” Teaching is another career that Lexi is thinking about because she loves playing with kids and her own teachers have made such a positive impact on her life.

For now, Lexi is looking forward to a week-long overnight camp this summer where she’ll get to hang out with cool animals all day and friends. Say hi to Lexi Lampman!