Giselle Caron

Tell us about any brothers or sisters you have. What are your favorite things to do together? I have one brother, Remy. He is 3. We really love our scooters and we both can go real fast.

Tell us about any pets you have: We have one calico cat, Apache. She is almost 19 years old!

What do you love most about where you live?  Our house has a pool. We are also only a short walk to two parks in the Village!
Tell us about your favorite family vacation and what you loved the most? Paris because we got to go to Disneyland Paris, and our apartment had a view of the Eiffel tower – every night, we could watch it sparkle out our window. 
What are you most thankful for and why? My family because they love me.  

Do you play any sports, musical instruments or have any hobbies? I have been taking piano lessons for two years – I even write my own songs. I really love to dance ballet – my mom and I just went to see the ballet Giselle at Butler – my namesake! I also swim on the VWC Vortex swim team and play soccer!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? Invisible power so I can sneak up on my daddy! 
What is your favorite memory with your Mom, Dad, or Grandparents? Going to the Eloise High Tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York with my parents (while my brother was sleeping in the stroller) – we even got cotton candy for dessert.

If we gave you $100 and told you to do something kind with it for your neighbors (it would be a secret), what would you do?  I would host a big party for them – I would have cake and pass out flowers. I would have my party be the whole day!