Double the Fun with Twins, Rocco and Hunter

Rocco and Hunter Slama are 9-year-old twins and 3rd graders at Clay Center Elementary.   

Tell us about the things you like doing with your brother.
Hunter:    I like to wrestle and play Nerf guns and video games with my brother.  We play all our sports together.
Rocco:     I like to play baseball with him and have fun.

What do you love most about where you live?
Hunter:    I like to take bike rides with my family in our neighborhood. 
Rocco:        I like to ride bikes and swim at the pool.

Tell us about your favorite family vacation and what you loved the most? 
Hunter:    My favorite vacation is Disney World. I liked all the rides, and I got a bunch of fun souvenirs. 
Rocco:        My favorite vacation was going on big roller coasters with my family in Disney World.

What are you most thankful for and why?
Hunter:    I am most thankful for my family because they love me. 
Rocco:        I am most thankful to live in a nice neighborhood and have a nice family.

Tell us about any sports or musical instruments you play or any hobbies you have. 
Hunter:    I play baseball for the Indy Titans travel baseball team. I also play golf every summer in the Jr. PGA program. I really like to ski. 
Rocco:        I play baseball, soccer, basketball, and golf. I also like to ski.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Hunter:    I would want to be invisible so I could sneak up on my brother!
Rocco:        I would want to be invisible so I could sneak up on my brother!

What is your favorite memory with your Mom, Dad, or Grandparents?
Hunter:    My favorite family memory is going on roller coasters at Disney with my family and my Gaga. 
Rocco:        I love to play family golf. My Mom, Dad, brother, and I play golf together in the summer.

If we gave you $100 and told you all to do something kind with it for your neighbors (it would be a secret), what would you do? 
Hunter:    I would buy a big basket and fill it with goodies like candy and treats to pass out to all my neighbors. 
Rocco:        I would make a nice meal for all my neighbors.