Love Birds Duncan Bellingrath and Quinci Floyd

Photo by Bevin Joy Photography

Photo by Bevin Joy Photography

We actually met Jax a few months ago in our Precious Pet article, but now I wanted to introduce you to the cutest couple ever, Duncan and Quinci!

Family member names: Duncan Bellingrath and Quinci Floyd
Street: Farnsworth
Pets: Jax, 4-year-old Golden Doodle
Profession(s): Duncan is the Hot Springs Community President at Simmons Bank, and Quinci is a Brand Manager at Stone Ward, an advertising agency in Little Rock.
Quinci loves gardening, and Duncan loves to pickleball, but together they enjoy playing golf, duck hunting, traveling and going on walks together with their dog, Jax. 

Park/Play area/Hang out: 
Lake Hamilton

Taco Mama – Quinci and Duncan eat at Taco Mama at least once a week. If you're looking for the best chips, salsa, and margaritas in town, you're in luck!
Duncan's order: Shrimp Diablo
Quinci's order: Taco Mama Salad Bowl
Another favorite is Sam’s Pizza. 

Vacation destination: 
Anywhere with mountains!

Sports teams: 
Duncan and Quinci have a split household when it comes to NFL football. Duncan has been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since he was a child, and Quinci is a Cowboys and Buffalo Bills fan. As for college sports, they both are die-hard fans of their shared alma mater – the Razorbacks!  
Do you have any family traditions?
While Colorado might be everyone’s favorite winter travel destination, Duncan, Quinci and their dog, Jax, opt for the mountains during the warmer months and have enjoyed their past five summer vacations there. It’s a shared appreciation and an opportunity they look forward to each year to explore and unwind – and they anticipate many more summer getaways to Colorado in the years to come. 
What college/university did you attend? 
The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is more than just Duncan and Quinci’s alma mater, it’s where they met. The couple are now engaged to be married, and Duncan likes to joke that it took seven years to convince Quinci to say “yes” to marrying him. 
Where are you originally from? 
Quinci is from Amarillo, Texas, and Duncan is from Pine Bluff.
How long have you lived in this neighborhood?
They moved to Hot Springs and Farnsworth Street in October of 2021. 
What do you like to do to relax?
The couple enjoys playing a round of golf, boat rides, and taking their dog, Jax, for evening walks.
How are you involved in the community?
Having just recently moved to Hot Springs, Duncan and Quinci are eager to learn more about opportunities to give back and volunteer. Prior to moving to Hot Springs, they both gave their time and talents to various nonprofits in the Little Rock and Pine Bluff communities.  
If you have kids, what activities are they involved with?  
Their furry four-legged child loves to play fetch and swim any chance he gets! 
What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood? 
Since moving into the neighborhood last October, they’ve felt a warm welcome from their neighbors. Within a month of moving in, most of their neighbors personally came by to meet them face to face – a testament to the kind, hospitable nature of the entire Hot Springs community. “We’re thrilled to be here, and are excited about what the future holds for this blossoming, beautiful community and the people that make it feel like home.”