Meet Kennedy

Ballet Dancer and Neighbor

Hi Hill Section neighbors! My name is Kennedy McCarthy, and I have lived in the neighborhood since I was 5 years old. I’m in the 8th grade now. Besides me, my family includes my parents, Ryan and Cassidy; my little sister, Miller; and our two dogs, Hershey and Lucky.
I love to dance! I spend hours each week focusing on contemporary, ballet, and jazz styles of dance. I have been dancing ever since I started mommy and me classes as a baby. Currently, I’m in the dance studio for about 3-4 hours each day, about 20 hours a week!
I enjoy dance because it’s challenging. It gives me something to strive for. I love pushing myself every day because it helps me grow, not only as a dancer but as a person.
This year, I’ve really enjoyed competing my solos and group dances with my team. A highlight that really stood out to me was when my team and I competed our group dance last year and won the first overall high score! A significant achievement that I am very proud of this year is that I auditioned and got accepted into seven of the top ballet schools' summer intensive programs, including the Joffrey Ballet, School of American Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and others.
It's important to keep a good balance in life, so I always make time for my family because they mean a lot to me. Although dance takes up a significant part of my week, I have managed to balance school and friendships as well. I love joining my family or friends for breakfast or shopping trips around town.
I have grown very close with my dance teacher, Miss Kasey, at the School of Dance & Music. We spend countless hours working on solo routines and group combos. She has helped me grow as a dancer in so many ways, and she is always there for me. We’ve had so many fun memories together.
In the future, I hope to attend one of the universities here in Southern California and be on their dance team.