Meet El Chapo

Our sweetheart’s name is El Chapo (aka Mr. Handsome). He is a German Spitz (not a Pomeranian) and he gets very offended when people consider him a Pom. He’s 5 years young.

 El Chapo’s previous life (before we adopted him) was completely different that with ours. He wasn’t allowed on the couch at his first home, yet we’ve had all the couches “made” for him! This cute, little dog trained us to sleep with him, too. Soon, he owned us and the entire house, even the block! I believe his name has a lot to do with his character, lol.

 Regarding his name, his previous owner said they named him Chapo for “shorty,” since he’s tiny and has those short little paws. Only at the very end, she said he’s El Chapo. I’m from Ukraine and had no idea who El Chapo is. How little did I know! We tried to rename him into Chappo, but I believe “the way you name the boat is the way it’s gonna sail”. This guy 100% resembles his original name.

 When we got him he was quite antisocial and it took him a long time to start trusting people and making new friends with other dogs. He really loves people, especially kids. He’s extremely communicative and rather good at letting us know exactly what he wants.
He has an unusual lion hair cut and he gets loads of compliments wherever we go. He looooves it! I love how he feels me and my moods. He knows when I’m happy or upset and he’s always by my side, no matter what. I love how he’s always smiling and he makes me smile, too. He’s my biggest treasure.

 Is El Chapo spoiled? Oh, where should I begin? He’s the most spoiled dog. I’ve always sworn that my pet would not sleep with me in bed ever. “Haha,” said El Chapo. Every single night he wakes us up at 3:00 a.m. to go out. For 3 years in a row. He gets his lion hair cut every 3 weeks and sometimes goes to daycare. Once they said he’d been a little anxious so they gave him a hand massage and an oat bath. May I be El Chapo too?

 Our amazing dog looks like the cutest cotton ball and everyone is mesmerized by him. I’m so proud of him and the way he has grown and matured over the years. He still has a difficult time with other animals sometimes, but he’s very into people and loves to say hi and give kisses. He’s enriched our family 100%. He’s been traveling with us everywhere from Vegas to Utah to Colorado, etc. He’s our biggest treasure and we love him to pieces.