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Meet Scott Gunter
"No Job is Too Small Or Too Big!"

Having owned his own business in the past, Scott Gunter is well acquainted with the demands and needs of serving people, and perhaps that is why so many customers and agents enjoy working with him and appreciate his attention to detail and quality work.  His business philosophy is strategic yet simple: 
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Offer a competitive price
  • Provide quality work
  • Perform in an appropriate time frame
When he adds to that mix the fact that he is fun to work with and offers endless education and advice for clients, it is really a very hard package to beat.  Scott works as an Insurance Specialist, and he uses pictures to help the homeowner understand exactly what damage is present from hail or wind.  He has a printer in the truck, so when he leaves the home, the owner receives an estimate.  Whether the situation demands a claim or cash, Gunter provides the same efficient service and customer care that he would expect someone to give him.  The Golden Rule is his mantra.

Armour Roofing is a family-owned business that is known for its responsiveness. Scott is not only involved in his community, but he cares about making it better. Perhaps their biggest compliments are found on their Google Reviews, where clients are pleased with their competitive pricing and their on-time delivery of quality products with expert installation.  Most of the time, customers have Armour Roofing & Construction come for one project and leave with several on the order board.  It is never Scott’s intention to “sell” people, but if there is a requested need, he wants them to know he has the capability to solve it.

Scott’s company provides repair and replacement for needs such as gutters, shutters, windows, Patio enclosures, decks, screened rooms, siding, and, of course, roofing. His communication is efficient but complete, and customers love the idea that he sees his role as an educator – helping them to make the proper repairs and replacements to their homes to retain their value. “I try to think how I would approach each situation as if it were my home,” notes Gunter.

For him, success is not monetary but rather ethics-related.  If customers are happy, he is pleased.  In fact, someday, when he retires, he hopes that people are convinced that he did his best to help them and to treat them with respect and concern. Scott’s knowledge and experience are foundational to his effectiveness, and he gained much from his ownership of a lawn and garden business as well as his remodel of an 1880s home in Aiken.

Gunter has two sons: Gage (9) and Mason (8), and he is teaching them to be fans of the Dawgs. He loves attending their events, and he even works in some golf now and then. “My sons were a game-changer for my life, and I simply enjoy spending time with them; it’s a great age,” he says.

Community involvement is a priority for Scott, and he is involved in the Merchant’s Association of Columbia County, the local Chamber of Commerce, the Exchange Club, and the PCEA. Taking care of people is his passion, and it is what motivates him to build a healthy business, too. In fact, when pressed about any other job that he could do, he said it would be in sales and service.

For your construction needs, repairs, and replacements of residential, commercial, and metal roofing, please call Scott Gunter ARMOUR ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION.

After all, no job is too small or too big! – Always happy to help.

Scott Gunter – ARMOUR Roofing & Construction