Prime Plumbing & Drains: The True Pipe Whispers!

In the heart of Noblesville, Indiana, resides Prime Plumbing & Drains, a local business founded by a passionate entrepreneur with a strong commitment to exceptional quality workmanship and honest dealings. Meet the owner, a former college athlete turned plumber, who embarked on a journey to create a business that would stand out in the community for all the right reasons.

Phil Schumacher, the owner of Prime Plumbing & Drains, grew up in Evansville, Indiana, and later settled in the Noblesville area with his wife, Kristen, and their two beautiful daughters, Payton and Bella. With a family background in entrepreneurship, business acumen ran in his blood, fueling his drive to make a difference.

The journey that led him to where he is now has been a series of transformative events. After playing Division 1 college football at Southern Illinois University and college basketball at Oakland City University, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Law. Post-graduation, he briefly worked in probation and parole, but his moral compass pushed him to seek a different path.

Seeking a more fulfilling career, he found his calling in plumbing, starting in new construction and eventually transitioning to become a service plumber. As he honed his skills, he noticed a gap in the industry—customers were not receiving the level of service they deserved.

Determined to provide a solution, he decided to start his own plumbing company, driven by the idea of delivering excellent quality workmanship, honesty, and fair dealings to the community.
Prime Plumbing & Drains emerged under a year ago, and in that short time, it has thrived based on one fundamental principle: Trust. Phil and his team believe that beyond adhering to building codes, plumbers should prioritize the customer's needs and ensure tidy workmanship. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence set his team apart from the rest.

With an expanding team of three full-time plumbers specializing in sewer repairs and home renovations, alongside a dedicated business manager handling dispatch and community engagement, the company has grown remarkably. Their success is not built on paid reviews or advertisements but on genuine referrals from satisfied customers, a testament to the trust they have earned.

Phil's unwavering pursuit of service excellence and business goals, driven by a vision of making a positive impact on people's lives, has made Prime Plumbing & Drains a trusted partner in the community, and they love servicing the residents of Britton Falls. His advice to homeowners is rooted in practicality, ranging from flushing water heaters annually to prevent damage to disconnecting hoses during winter to avoid potential leaks.

When you encounter plumbing issues, consider Prime Plumbing & Drains, where quality service and trustworthy expertise converge. Reach out to them at 317.678.7101 or visit their website to experience firsthand the dedication that has earned them a loyal customer base.