Meet Jared Strathe

Jared Strathe has lived in Stone Canyon for the past nine years with his family, Greg, Cheryl, Tyler, Brandon, Justin, and Jenna. He began playing golf at the age of four and competed in his first golf tournament when he was seven. His dad, Greg, got him to play golf by taking Jared to the golf course to practice. 

Jared loves the game because it provides a new challenge every day. "It is an individual sport, so it is on you to play good. I love competing and working hard at it to be the best," Jared shares. His favorite place to play is The Patriot with his brothers and dad. "We always have a good time together and we are all competitive, so that makes it fun." 

A memorable tournament for him was playing in the 2021 Patriot All-America Golf Tournament, representing a fallen soldier. Jared played golf at Kansas State and recalls a special golf moment. He explains, "I was leading an All Pro Tour Event after 27 holes my freshman year at Kansas State and got 8th place shooting -16 for the tournament as an amateur!" Jared also has eight holes-in-one! "Two of those came from making two hole-in-ones in the same round in a three-hole span; holes 7 and 9 at The Patriot Golf club."

Jared's golfing advice for beginners is to "start with your short game and work up to your driver. Starting with the basics will allow you to improve faster."