Spring Valley Neighbor John Stiner Recommends the Palisades Village House Tour

John has been a Spring Valley neighbor since 1987. When he retired he became involved in Palisades Village -- a nonprofit that helps older residents age in their homes in Spring Valley, Kent, Wesley Heights, Palisades, Foxhall, and Berkley. He served as board chair for several years and co-chaired the annual house tour for four years. He remains deeply committed to the mission of Palisades Village.

Q:  What do you want Spring Valley residents to know about Palisades Village?
A: People should know that most older adults want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. PV provides volunteers and programs to support these homeowners with transportation, household chores, and social events. For example, we drive members to doctor’s appointments, pick up prescriptions, do grocery shopping, fix things in and around homes, put on holiday and seasonal dinners and cookouts, and much more.

Q: What do you want Spring Valley neighbors to know about the annual house tour?
A: The house tour is a fun community event that showcases seven homes in our neighborhood area. Homes are selected for their variety, uniqueness, and ease of access. The tour will be on October 14th from 11 am to 4 pm. Tickets are offered at www.palisadesvillage.org. We produce a glossy tour book with photos, home descriptions, maps and other information. I encourage people to check it out on the website in September.

Q: How can neighbors get involved?
A: Those who are interested should call our Executive Director, Erica Blanton, at 202-244-3310. We are always looking for volunteers. You can also become an associate member and take advantage of our social programs and events. Full members receive transportation and all the other services offered. Again, the website has lots of good information to check out.

Q: What got you involved in Palisades Village?
A: Like many others, it was the personal experience of caring for a parent and realizing how much an organization such as Palisades Village is needed. I volunteered and then became involved with the board. The experience has been extremely rewarding. It truly makes a huge difference to those in our community.

The nineteenth annual house tour promises to be another great event this year. Tickets are available to order online at www.palisadesvillage.org now.