Kylo Is A Keeper!

Meet our furry friend for the month of June: Kylo!

Kylo Ren Kalicki is a 6-month-old Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog/Poodle mix) puppy. He lives with his humans — John, Brandie, Kade, and Cannon Kalicki
 — on Glen Oaks Lane, and has been a most welcome addition to the family since coming home earlier this year.

John and Brandie both grew up with dogs and have fond memories of tossing a tennis ball in the yard with their pups. Although they both know having dogs can require a lot of work, they also know how much fun they can be and want their boys to experience that as well. Both Kade and Cannon were eager to have a dog, and John and Brandie thought it would be great for teaching them responsibility too. They set out to find a dog to fit their active lifestyle and who would be able to join them in all of their outdoor activities, and decided that Kylo would be perfect!

Kylo Ren is named after the Star Wars character of the same name. Brandie shared that before they found Kylo, their family watched the entire Star Wars trio together. When they saw their new puppy’s coloring and how well it seemed to go along with the movie character’s “dark side” garb, it was an easy decision to land on his name!

The Kalickis are still learning about Kylo’s personality and likes/dislikes. Brandie shared that his current obsession is Kleenex and that he enjoys pulling them out of the box, one by one. He also enjoys stealing laundry from the laundry room. Kade and Cannon call this trick “grab and go,” as Kylo will literally run into the laundry room and snatch anything in his path — clothes, shoes, coats — and run with it in his mouth out into their great room! His family is then left to either chase after him or just laugh hysterically at his antics. In addition to his puppy mischief, the Kalickis love how fluffy Kylo is. They enjoy brushing him and petting his soft fur afterward. Brandie also appreciates Kylo’s lack of shedding.

Although they’ve only had Kylo for a short time, the Kalickis' lives and home have been enriched by his presence already. Brandie shared that life has undoubtedly been more chaotic since Kylo came home. However, they have had so many laughs because of his goofiness and have had so much fun already. She shared that Kylo also brings so much joy to Kade and Cannon, and that has made loving Kylo so easy for her. Life with a puppy is never boring, that’s for sure!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Kylo! Here’s to a fun first summer here in Shorewood with your family!