Reunion Resident-Owned Trace Cleaners

Trace Cleaners is a local, family-owned dry cleaning company that offers free home pick-up and delivery service to Reunion residents. Established in 1994 by current Reunion residents Pete and Angela Kestenbaum, Trace Cleaners has acquired a reputation for excellent customer service. Upon Pete’s retirement in October of 2022, Troy Kestenbaum and his wife Laura took on ownership and operations of the business. These second-generation owners hope to continue to provide outstanding professional service and convenience for Trace Cleaners’ long-time clients and friends.

As Pete's nephew, Troy spent his summers growing up working at Trace Cleaners during the summer. It was during that time that he learned how to operate the equipment, how to properly starch a shirt and, of course, the value of a hard-earned dollar. At that point, he never dreamed that he would one day take over operations. Today, Trace Cleaners employs 12 people and services over 2,500 customers.

Looking back, Troy says, “It’s funny how similar my situation is to Uncle Pete’s story of how he took a leap of faith nearly 30 years ago to open his own business. Neither one of us thought we would ever be the owner of a dry cleaner. Now, I can’t wait to pass on the tradition and have my two boys working in the back during their summers.”

Additionally, the route delivery driver, Guy Ward, is known to many Reunion residents for his kindness to animals. He often brings treats for his favorite pets along the route and has made many friendships along the way. It’s that extra level of care that makes Trace Cleaners truly special.

Pete and Angela Kestenbaum have resided in Reunion for 15 years in their home in Langdon. Troy and Laura have also been Reunion residents for 15 years and currently live in Edenberg with their two boys.