Meet Maybelline Jelly Bean Barham!

Maybelline Jelly Bean is Tracey Barham’s 18-month-old papillon. Maybelline is from Tennessee. Her previous owner was moving and could not keep her, and it was meant to be for Maybelline to join the Barham family! Tracey’s sister-in-law was traveling in Tennessee and was able to bring her home to Tracey. 

After Tracey’s rat terrier named Squirrel passed away in 2020, she did not think she could love another animal. But Maybelline Jelly Bean changed everything. It just so happens that Maybelline's birthday is on Valentine's Day, which is the day that Tracey lost her mom back in 2017.

Maybelline is the sweetest, most loving little thing, and Tracey loves that she is scoopable. Maybelline goes with Tracey everywhere. She loves shopping, walking around the neighborhood and playing with her friends at Camp Bow Wow. Maybelline really enjoys making paintings at Camp Bow Wow. Maybelline makes friends everywhere she goes and especially loves Tracey’s nephew, Anderson, who is her same age!