Meet Lani Belle Burton and Ollie Waterloo

Kay Burton is the proud mother of Lani Belle, a 2-year-old Sheepadoodle, and great-grandmother of her granddaughter Mary Rhea Waterloo’s 1-year-old Aussiedoodle named Ollie. Ollie is currently living with them, and Lani Belle loves having him around. 

These two love to play with each other and check out any duck activity on the lake. They both are happy to sit and shake hands in exchange for treats. Lani Belle, who thinks she is Nana from Peter Pan, is always trying to herd kids or dogs away from danger at the lake’s edge. Ollie, who is an escape artist, has been known to sneak away from time to time and recently made a visit to the Reunion POA office. 

Lani Belle and Ollie's favorite activity is playing tug-of-war with their toys until the toy is ripped apart. They especially love chewing on their favorite bones and going on walks around the beach area.