Titleist Golf & Fitness

by Tammi Joseph

On April 5th, about 25 Ridge Living readers and sponsors gathered at The Humidor Cocktail Lounge for a Titleist Golf Fitness seminar. Dr. Tim Warren of Titan Medical Center is not only a chiropractor, but he is also a Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 certified instructor.
We were treated to appetizers as everyone arrived. After drinks were ordered, and everyone in attendance visited for a while, Dr. Warren began his presentation. He has a variety of services offered at his South Wichita clinic (1415 W 31st S) including chiropractic services, DOT services, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared saunas, and golf performance. He explained the benefits of all his offerings before we dove into the topic of the evening…golf performance.

A certified Titleist Golf Specialist, like Dr. Warren, can assess and identify physical restrictions that might be limiting your performance and creating unnecessary discomfort. This program is geared toward players looking to get more out of their golf game. No matter your background or skill level he is ready to help you achieve your golf-related goals. Whether you are looking to be able to increase your clubhead speed, relieve pain that is inhibiting your range of motion, or work towards walking a full 18 holes.

Through a series of around 25 different assessments, he can help identify limitations and swing characteristics that may be causing pain or limiting your potential on the golf course. Through treatment and exercises, Dr. Warren explained that he can help you achieve goals and play at your highest ability, pain-free! He used some of us to demonstrate one of the assessments relating to balance. Standing on one foot for 30 seconds with your hands to your sides, then switching to the other foot for 30 seconds was the task we accomplished. Other assessments involve flexibility, range of motion, and joint evaluation.

This was a very informative presentation. Dr. Warren explained how he cut his handicap by almost 7 by going through this assessment and program himself. For anyone looking to improve their game through consistency and prevent injury, this might just be the thing for you. You can call Titan Medical Center at 316-529-3700!

A huge thank you to Dr. Warren for giving us a great evening full of fantastic information and The Humidor for hosting us.