The Wine Merchant

What does the Wine Merchant offer?

The Wine Merchant, located on Cary Parkway, is a small family-owned business, in the area since 1981. We have over 1,000 wines in stock, as well as six curated beers and four wines on tap, with no corkage fee.
We select wines from the best of our weekly sales rep’s tastings. We sample from 10 to 50 wines each week and only bring in two to three must-haves that fit a special niche with us based on price point, quality, taste.
Our original business plan, formulated over 30 years ago, continues to be the basis for our operation. Our goal is to:
• Develop a personal relationship with customers based on trust, honesty and education. This is our work ethic in all aspects of our business and is very important in attracting and keeping customers. Compare our service to that of the big box stores and supermarkets to experience the great differences.
• Help people learn about wine. It was one of the main reasons we started our first store and without a doubt is one of the main reasons for our success. Few, if any, other wine stores in the area put the emphasis we do on education through our courses, seminars, tastings, food and wine pairing events, internet features and, most importantly, the help provided in the store.
• Provide exciting wines of complexity and individuality in a wide range of prices, styles and wine-growing regions. This often means retailing small quantities from small estates that make wines in a hands-on, artisanal way.
• Offer wines at the BEST QUALITY/PRICE COMBINATION at nationally competitive prices. Finding such wines requires considerable experience and effort, especially for wines in the lower price ranges.
Tell us about you.
I was a golf pro until the early '90s when my dad wanted me to join him and my mom in the business. I went to Sonoma to work at a winery, doing everything from cleaning to bottling, learning from the bottom up. I stayed a year at Deloach Vineyards and learned to taste, learned to discuss flavors. In 1994, I returned to work with my parents. In 2011, we consolidated our original Raleigh and Cary locations to the Cary location.
Justin was in the restaurant business for many years and always had an interest in wine. He worked part time with us for a while and then came on full time. We have an amazing business relationship. Justin is the balance of my energetic personality. He is soft spoken and has a wonderful knowledge of food and wine pairing.
An Invitation
Our free Saturday wine tastings are always well-attended and fun. We are community driven and dog and food friendly, so grab some local grub and bring the pets to our intimate and friendly space.
The Wine Merchant has been Raleigh and Cary's premier retail wine source since 1981. Visit our location in Cary for great wine and beer, attentive customer service and our knowledgeable staff. Come see why browsing is a learning experience with us!