“Imagine your home being a haven instead of a source of stress.”

What services does Exhale offer?
Exhale is a dedicated home management company providing homeowners with one trusted partner for all home service needs. We provide each member with a home manager who acts as your one point of contact for managing and scheduling all recurring maintenance, on-demand services and emergencies. 
Our home managers provide our members peace of mind, knowing that all home
services, from cleaning to landscaping to repairs to remodels (and more), are managed by your trusted and experienced Exhale team. It’s time to Exhale. We’ll take it from here.
What does a membership look like?
Our membership has two main components: proactive maintenance and on-demand services.
Based on your home’s needs, we develop a customized 12-month proactive maintenance plan and budget to take care of your recurring home care. In addition, we are available for any on-demand need that may arise, whether you have a plumbing issue, want to remodel your kitchen
or need help mounting a TV.
A membership includes:
 Unlimited access to your dedicated home manager: No need to coordinate services,
negotiate with service providers or explain the quirks of your home to someone new.
 Customized maintenance plan: Scheduling and execution of a personalized annual plan
to proactively care for your home.
 On-demand services: We’re just a call away for repairs, remodels, punch list items and
 Superior service quality: Whether through our in-house home service pros or our
certified service provider network, we’ll make sure the job is done right.
 Transparent and fair pricing: There’s no charge for troubleshooting or providing
estimates, and we don’t nickel and dime.
 Home guardian: Whether you can’t be home for a service or you’re away on vacation,
we watch over your home at all times to ensure everything is as it should be.
What sets you apart in the industry?
We started Exhale so you could have a trusted expert and partner who puts your home at the top
of the list. Someone who is there to answer your call for any home service need and shows up
every time with your best interests in mind; a partner who looks at this like a relationship, not
a transaction.
We believe that companies should have a soul — a long-term purpose and deeply held values. Our
purpose is to “turn homes into havens, create an inspiring place to work and serve our
community.” We make our decisions based on our core values: Service Excels, Optimism Rules,
range matters and trust builds. We wear these on our sleeves. That’s the stuff that makes us
We are on an ambitious journey to become the best home services company, period. And we do
that by delivering incredible service to each of our members, one by one.
How is Exhale involved in the community?
Exhale is deeply involved with Haven House Services of Raleigh (havenhousenc.org).  Recently, our entire team spent an entire day working at Haven House’s two locations to improve their facilities and enhance their workplace. In addition, we donate $100 to Haven House for every new member that joins Exhale — it’s our way of paying it forward.
Ready to turn over the time-consuming and stressful details of home management to a team that
respects your time and values professional timeliness and results? Give Exhale a call and let
them handle the details.

Exhale | Home Maintenance and Repair (exhaleathome.com)
Brenda Lambert — Director of Business Development