Phillips Farm

A great walk in the woods, with views of the North River and Cove Brook, Phillips
Farm Preserve, a Wildlands Trust property; Cornhill Woodland, Union Street
Woodland, Tilden Farm, and Nelson Memorial Forest, a New England Forestry
Foundation property, Cove Creek Nature Area,
Take Rt. 3 to Exit 12, east onto Rt. 139. Turn left at the lights onto Union Street.
Continue north three miles; bear left and continue on Union Street at the junction of
Union and Highland. Park on the westerly side of Union Street in the designated area
on Cornhill Woodland. Phillips Farm Preserve trailhead access is directly across
from the parking area. Approximate GPS address: 1223 Union Street, Marshfield.
4 miles on the east side of Union St, and another 1.5 miles in Cornhill Woodlands on
the west side. Easy walking, some hills.
From the parking lot cross the street and enter at the marked trailhead. Initially go
straight, pass the first trail junction, and at the next turn right on “Pasture Road” and
walk down to a view of Cove Creek with a stone bench. Turn back, and then make a
right on “Rock Rd” which again will take you down to the creek and a large rock, a
glacial erratic. From here continue north. The trail has an occasional red square
marker. And is somewhat obscure in places, but stays to the right. That will take you
to two North River views. Continue to stay right to a junction. At the junction stay
right, and then go straight avoiding the small trails to the right. When you get to a
road, go slightly to your right and there will be another path to the river. Return from
the river retracing your steps to the trail. Follow the trail to the first junction, go
straight, then go right at the next junction. Follow the trail to the road and cross over
to the parking lot.
At the kiosk in the parking lot, a 1 ½ mile trail starts that leads west into the Cornhill
Woodland. Follow the trail for almost ½ mile, staying right. There are some white
trail markers. Follow the sharp right turn which will go to the edge of the property.
There will be houses ahead. Turn left just before the house, head towards the river,
and then turn left. Here the trail makes another left. You may want to bushwhack
down to the river before you continue on the trail. Now stay left.
This takes you back to the trail you came on. After about 1/3 mile again stay left and
make your way back to the car.
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