Mayflower Tavern

Thank you for a wonderful evening with good food, drinks, and friends!

Isn’t it nice to gather together with friends on an otherwise bland day? It’s easy to shake off a case of the Mondays at our events and the evening at The Mayflower – formerly Flynn’s if you aren't yet familiar – offered just what everyone needed to kick off the week. 

With so many sponsors and a full showing of residents, the rustic, antique tavern was bustling, yet still felt cozy. Pub fare made from scratch and an array of specialty drinks designed for the event – one named for the Pinehills we sure hope made it onto the permanent menu – served generously by owner Christian Ambrosi’s upbeat staff guaranteed return customers.

Our fun giveaway portion of the evening grew sillier than usual as winners were encouraged to try their luck at the Mayflower Tavern’s prize wheel. A good spin offered guests the opportunity to win prizes such as a $10 gift card, a free t-shirt, a free drink or the overall favorite: a chance to pull Christian’s beard. 

Introducing new and veteran sponsors of STROLL to the neighborhood is what these evenings are all about and they wouldn’t happen without the hospitality of our hosts like Christian. Thanks again to the team at The Mayflower Tavern. Please visit them again soon.

Great event-they were very gracious at the Mayflower Tavern!
-Sheila Violette

Mayflower Tavern
2240 State Road
Cedarville, Mass.
(508) 888-0041