Premier Outdoor Solutions

Family Owned in Shelby County

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The owner of Premier Outdoor Solutions, Alec Furrow, is no stranger to Kentucky. Alec grew up in Oldham County with three brothers and two sets of awesome parents. He played football and baseball at South Oldham County High School and spent his summers on a boat at Dale Hollow Lake. In 2018, Alec moved to Shelbyville where he met his future wife. They married in the fall of 2020 on his grandfather’s farm and welcomed their son Easton in 2022. 

As a kid, Alec loved being outside and playing in the dirt. He was fascinated by the power of big machinery.  Excavators and skid loaders had his attention from the first moment he saw their power and dreamed about what one could create with these machines. Soon it became clear that landscaping and construction were his true passion. “I started my business in 2018 focusing on irrigation installation/service. As my customer base grew, I became interested in offering more. Landscape lighting was my next big focus and from there, I slowly started gaining new skills which turned into services I could offer.” 

Today, Premier Outdoor Solutions' services include landscape design, general landscaping, landscape irrigation, mulching, excavation services, and snow removal. Creativity is a key component of their work with clients. “I am especially passionate about hardscape projects which allow my creativity to flourish. I love turning a paper design into reality and seeing my client's reaction when they see their landscape dreams in person. We are always growing and learning and look forward to adding other services like pool installation/service shortly.”

With a commitment to quality, Alec wants clients to be happy with what is created for them. “We are a family-owned business and we strive to separate our company from just being your everyday landscaper. As we continue to grow and adapt to this crazy fast-paced world we live in, we hope that our customers can as well. We are always re-investing into the business to provide the right equipment/technology to our employees to make their job easier/more efficient. This directly translates to our customers with active communication providing added confidence in hiring a company that is not just prepared but well equipped to get the job done.”

Referrals are another big aspect of Premier Outdoor Solutions’ business model. 
“We receive most of our work from word-of-mouth sharing by customers which is an incredible accomplishment. Especially as a small, family-owned business. We pride ourselves on doing honest work and we appreciate that our clients recognize and celebrate that. At the end of the job, we want everyone to be happy with the work we have done.”

As you consider your next outdoor project, give Premier Outdoor Solutions a call!