The Yellow House on the Corner

The Yellow House on the Corner.

It was a house they all loved. From a distance or up close, the Isaac family felt the attraction. They could see the features that pulled them toward the “Yellow House on the corner.” Terry knew the history of the house. “It was built in Persimmon Ridge in 2000, and many neighbors had wanted the blueprint for the house but another home buyer built the home first.” Renee first drove past the house ten years ago on her way to Bible Study and knew that one day she had to live there. Daughter Ashlee already had friends in the Persimmon neighborhood and wanted to be closer to them. In 2018, Terry and Renee with daughter Ashlee bought the Yellow House for themselves.

What was the attraction? Why this neighborhood? Why Persimmon Ridge? Their answers may surprise some and sound familiar to others. Meet the owners: Terry Isaac, corporate training manager for Neil Huffman Auto Group; Renee Isaac, human relations coordinator at Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL), and daughter Ashlee completed her senior year at CAL in May 2023. 

The attraction to this house with its country setting and neighborhood was immediately appealing to the family. They were moving from Fisherville and a home on five acres to the Yellow House that offered them more. Each has their own special room or place in the house that strengthened its appeal and made the house their “forever home.”  For Terry, the attraction was the country setting with a true neighborhood that provided the privacy and the neighbors he wanted for his family. Terry also saw the potential for the garage, one that was not connected to the house, for a “man cave.”  In the garage, Terry created a space for his RAM truck, his tools, some comfortable seating and a 52 inch TV. The man cave is an added place to watch ball games while working on the truck and chatting with neighbors who stop by.
With the wrap-around porch and the cape cod structure, the style of the Yellow House house is identified by the Isaac’s as a Kentucky Southern Home. A Southern home is known for many things and almost all start with a “napping porch.” The Yellow House has two porches: a wrap around porch in the front and a screened porch in the back. Both offer comfortable seating with plenty of shade from ten hickory trees. Privacy is enjoyed on both porches. Year round, friends stop in to watch local golfers from the front porch, or sporting events on tv from the screened porch. The Yellow House offers a Southern setting for extending hospitality to neighbors and friends.  

After admiring the house for some ten years, Renee was sure this was the house for her family. The curb appeal was supported by its internal layout and design. For someone who enjoys cooking, the large kitchen provides easy access to the dining and family rooms, and to the back porch. Kitchen features include a big breakfast bar and meal preparation area with a gas stove and oven. The kitchen was the perfect place for food preparation and entertaining family and friends. 

The family agrees that their favorite area, the place where they spend the most time, is the screened porch. Terry describes the screened porch “as their place for winding down and relaxing while watching the news and sports coverage of UofL and Dallas Cowboy games and events.” He also shares that “Renee and Ashlee enjoy the TV room for watching their favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy.” 

After living in the house for five years, the family is ready to update the house. Black shutters were recently added. Terry describes the change: “It was so perfect. I just put lipstick on” the Yellow House. They want to modernize in a more southern way; examples include adding barn doors to the garage overhead door, and adding milk jugs to the back porch from Renee’s family farm in Minnesota. 

For a family who once thought that any move from Fisherville meant moving to Florida, the move to Persimmon Ridge changed the plan dramatically. They agreed, the big Yellow House on the corner won their hearts and they are there to stay.