Alan Wardyga

CEO, Executive Producer Turning Point Productions Company, LLC

Alan Wardyga was born and raised in Pawtucket and attended Tolman High School. After graduation, he went to Bryant College (now Bryant University) and graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and later an MBA. He worked at two local banks as a commercial lender, helping other entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by lending them money. At the same time, he obtained his certification as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, not really knowing what he would do with it. 
Since Alan was brought up in an entrepreneurial family where his father, a WWII Veteran, always owned his own businesses and worked for no one, perhaps that was in the cards for Alan. So, when he was laid off during the 1991 credit union crisis he decided to open a financial planning and investment management practice, which he incorporated as Wealth Management Resources, Inc. and moved its office to North Smithfield (in the professional condos at 501 Great Road) and started to grow the firm. For the next 23 years he remained President/CEO and retired from that practice in 2017. 
Alan jokes today, “I wish I could have patented the words “Wealth Management” in my firm’s name because everyone uses those words today! – I could be rich!” During those years, Alan volunteered in many public organizations including the Town of North Smithfield’s Budget Committee & Strategic Planning Alliance, the Northern RI Chamber of Commerce, and the Bryant College Alumni Association. He was recognized for his leadership by being elected Chairperson of the latter two and is currently serving as president of the Newport Overlook Timeshare Owners Association in Jamestown, RI, where he enjoys vacationing. Alan also taught at Bryant as an Adjunct Faculty member, for 12 years, in the CFP® certificate program that he helped develop. 
In his spare time, he likes to travel to new places and capture the moment from behind a camera lens, as an amateur photographer. Alan recognized something early on that has encouraged him throughout his entire life - his love of music! At the young age 5, Alan remembers listening to 50’s Rock n’ Roll on the old “dial” radio and the good feeling it gave him. Grooving to music continued into his young teens when at age 14 he started his first band with school friends. His parents were very tolerable and let the band practice in the family home’s basement! Alan says, “We weren’t actually that good, so it must have been just a lot of noise to them!” The bands played out at many local area clubs and school dances. 
When in college he joined an established “horn band” called “Anything Goes” that was playing better gigs at college mixers and had a professional singer. Making money working for the family business, he saved up and purchased a Hammond B3 and two Leslie speakers (those who know will know how important this instrument was for a keyboard player at the time). Finally, he joined a “show band” called “Family Tree”. Gary DeGraide former Lite 105 DJ was a lead singer of the band along with his wife, sister, and brother-in-law. They were the ‘family’, and the four musicians were the ‘tree’. After graduation from college and entrance into the working world, playing in bands came to an end as he and his now wife Diane (once band groupie for his bands) believed that it would be a good idea to “get a sustainable job” before marriage. So in 1978 they were married in St. Mary’s church in Newport, the same historic church as JFK. Alan and Diane will celebrate 45 years of marriage this year! Alan Wardyga combined his love of music with his education and life experiences to create a new business, operated out of his home here in North Smithfield during his retirement, called “Turning Point Productions Company, LLC” . 
He is the CEO and Executive Producer of this firm which specializes in producing, organizing, booking, promoting, and managing live music performances, concerts, festivals, and nightclub bookings. He represents 11 bands currently (mostly tribute bands from the classic rock 70’s era and a few original recording artists). He loves to produce his own concerts and has completed two major concert events of note on both sides of the pandemic. One in late 2019 as a benefit for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation and one recently (this past May) at the Stadium Theatre, from which some proceeds benefited Amos House in Providence. Being thankful and proud for what our Veterans have sacrificed and done for this country, he has planned another concert for Saturday, December 9th 2023 at the Historic Park Theatre, 848 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI The concert will feature 2 tribute bands celebrating the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd (performed by Vyntyge Skynyrd) and An Allman Brothers Band Experience (performed by The Peacheaters). It will be named “Music Supports Our Heroes” and subtitled “Southern-Rock Fest”. The concert will start at 7:30 PM and proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project , a national charitable organization that helps disabled veterans. He also has plans to propose new business opportunities with the owners of older nightclubs to provide live music once again (somewhere he actually played as a musician). There is a great website at: https/ where all the bands he represents can be seen and heard in concert, as well as an updated schedule of upcoming shows by date, location and time. It’s intended to be available as a resource when people are looking for live music and entertainment.