by Sophie Boisvert

Hi everybody and welcome back to another edition of Travel Tales! 
Last month’s riddle was ‘It’s another state that also begins with a ‘T’ and it’s known world-wide for music!’  If you guessed Tennessee, you were correct!  Great job! 
Nashville was a super fun place to visit!  It was filled with a lot of energy which I LOVED!   There were people everywhere, tons of party buses (holy moly were those people having fun if you know what I mean!) and the most cowboy hats and boots I’ve ever seen!  Plus there was a TON of music which I also LOVE!  Everywhere you looked you saw aspiring artists trying to catch their big break! It was so awesome to listen to them singing their songs (especially since they were original songs!)  Nashville also had so many beautiful murals to look at.  One of my favorites was the HUGE angel wings or the Nashville Stole My Heart mural! (My cousin Sammy recently moved out there so we are hoping to get back soon because Nashville did steal my heart!)
Another place in Tennessee that is known for music- just a different kind- was Memphis.  It also had good food, good sights and good sounds- lots of Blues and Jazz!  While there we visited the famous Beale Street.  And just like Nashville, there was so much going on!  It reminded me of New York City… Memphis, Tennessee…the other city that also never sleeps! 
Besides music and food, my family loves history.  So of course we also had to go to the Lorraine Motel where Dr. MLK, Jr was shot in 1968.   Visiting this motel and walking through the museum definitely had an impact on me. 
Before we left Tennessee, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Grand Ole Oprey, Graceland where Elvis Presley once lived and the Madame Tussauds wax museum where I got to be up close to Elvis himself, Taylor Swift and many more!   
And we couldn’t camp in Memphis and not stay right on the Mississippi River.  It was so cool to wake up every morning and see lots of LARGE barges going by!   
Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed our visit to Tennessee!  Until next time, safe travels!