Niguel Shores Furry Friend

Greetings, neighbors! My name is Penny. I'm a Cavapoo.  I live with Kate, Chris, Adrienne, and Ivy Landry.

Mostly I like naps, treats, and running. I’m looking forward to my bacon, peanut butter cupcake treat I get every birthday. I’ll be 3 years old this June. Like most Cavapoos, I’m friendly and also naughty. In Maine, once I escaped for a whole day and was found deep in the woods eating lobster shells that I stole. I also have also stolen many other things and sometimes hold my head low in shame when caught. 

My best friends are Joey, Barkley, Max, and Winston. I like to smell and run with other dogs, and I am especially proud of my new blue bone, which I enjoy showing off. I love living in Niguel Shores. When I met my family for the first time, it was an instant connection, for which I am paw-sitively grateful.  See you at the park!