Brynn and Tess Halbert

(L to R) Cole, Brynn, Tess, Tricia, Will

There’s a lot of talent living on Perth Bay!

Brynn and Tess Halbert, Dancer and Athlete

Brynn is a sixth-grader at Niguel Mills Middle School. She was inspired by her sister Tess to dance because they would always dance together.   “I enjoy dancing because I get to be creative,” Brynn added.

Brynn is uniquely qualified to dance because she was a gymnast first. That flexibility allows her to do some things the other dancers on her dance team can’t. Her proudest moment is winning her dance competition, and Mookie Washington, renowned dance coach and star of America’s Got Talent,  was her coach!
Brynn also greatly admires her sister Tess because she works hard at everything she does. Brynn’s advice to others wanting to get into dance: “Don’t be afraid to go all out!"

In her leisure time, Brynn likes to hang out with her friends and partake in that Southern California favorite pastime – go to the beach!

Brynn’s immediate ambition is to be on the high school dance team. We all know that Brynn will accomplish this goal and … keep on dancing.

Tess is a freshman ninth-grader at Dana Hill High School. Tess is an accomplished athlete in cross country/track. “The best thing about it is that I get to run alongside my friend,” Tess commented. She added, “There are a lot of runners in my family, so I grew up all around it.”

Tess’s proudest moment was finishing her first cross country race this year because she had never competed before. Her advice for others looking to get into track and running is, “You just have to throw yourself into it!”

In addition to running, Tess likes to bake and, just like her sister, “go to the beach.”   Tess also coaches gymnastics because she’s been a gymnast her entire life and wants to inspire others.

Tess plans to continue running and says, “I want to be a lifelong runner like the other runners in my family.”  Best of luck to you, Tess, in your future endeavors.