Niguel Shores Furry Friends

(L to R) Cora, Winston, Bob, Maximillian

Meet Sir Winston Churchill and Maximillian Sugar-Ray

There's nothing like a dog to transform a house into a home with their unconditional love, constant companionship, and loving kisses. Residents Cora and Bob Berkery enjoy having two adorable dogs, Sir Winston Churchill (also known as Winston) and Maximillian Sugar-Ray (also known as Max).
"Winston is pure perfection," says Cora. She actually got this furry friend from a Pit Bull rescue in Redondo Beach, which had Wheaten Terrier puppies. "Winston was five inches long and followed me everywhere," recalls Cora. Her husband knew it was the dog for her. As soon as she picked him up, they knew that Sir Winston Churchill was his name.
Winston's nickname is "Searge in Charge." Cora explains, "Even though he's a small dog, he just commands attention." She also finds that Winston is a connector. Cora explains, "He loves dogs, but more than that, he loves their parents."
Winston, who is now 7, only has one pet peeve. "He doesn't like noises," says Cora. His hatred for loud noises stems from his puppy days. While in Dork County, WI, he was out on a pier with his family, and fireworks erupted. Winston, who was 8 months old at the time, started running as fast as he could. It took half an hour to capture him.
Two Are Better Than One
One dog soon led to two. After watching an episode of Caesar Milan and The Dog Whisperer, Cora decided to get another dog.
"As a real estate agent, I'm connected to all kinds of people," says Cora. "There was an interior designer out of Newport Beach, and she was posting photos of her new puppy on Facebook." Although the puppy was as cute as can be, the puppy didn't get along well with the cat.
"So, of course, I get in my car and drive to Newport to get the dog," says Cora. She sent a picture of her dog to her husband, Bob, and he was really upset. "I felt bad," admits Cora. However, when Bob saw Maximillian, he scooped him up, and from that moment forward, he was Bob's dog. A tiny puppy at 3 ½ pounds, Maximillian melted his heart.
"It was love at first sight," smiles Cora.
Winston and Maximillian are complete opposites. Maximillian is a nervous Nelly, but he's the sweetest, most cuddly boy with Bob. Maximilian, who is always on the move, also likes hanging out with the neighborhood dogs, Joey, Pedro, Zoey, and Barkley at 5:00 each day.
If you see these two furry friends out on a walk, be sure to say hello. They would love to meet more four-legged friends and their pet parents in the neighborhood.