Why You Should Join the Lloyd Harbor Historical Society

How does the Society accomplish so much with so little? Join the Society, and we will reveal the secret in our quarterly e-letter.

  1. It costs only $50.
  2. You will stand taller knowing you can afford to fork over $50 without a moment’s hesitation.
  3. You will be reassured to know at least this $50 will bypass heirs who would have otherwise squandered it on trifling entertainment.
  4. You will be able to casually add in a plummy tone, “Since joining the Lloyd Harbor Historical Society …” at fashionable cocktail parties. The fact your out-of-pocket cost was only $50 will remain our secret.
  5. There is no telling how much you will accomplish during your amazing life. Don’t you want there to be a historical society ready to remember your grand achievements?
  6. An army of Lloyds rests beneath the earth in Huntington Rural Cemetery. While there have been no reported hauntings to date, doesn’t $50 for insurance seem to be a small price to pay?
  7. Henry Lloyd provided a gallon of cider and two and a half gallons of rum to workmen who raised his salt-box cottage in 1711. How else would you learn fascinating details like this if there wasn’t a Lloyd Harbor Historical Society?
  8. You are the type of person with the intellectual heft to care that the Henry Lloyd Manor House is so old the bark still clings to its roof rafters. Send in your $50, and I will personally give you a peek.
  9. The slave Jupiter Hammon, the first published black poet in the United States, lived and died in the Henry Lloyd Manor House. Not the second. Not the third. The first. This is a big deal.
  10. Your $50 will help maintain the Henry Lloyd Manor House, the oldest existing structure in Lloyd Harbor and one of the few remaining US houses built in the post-medieval architectural style. As if this wasn’t enough, it will also help maintain the fabulous George Weir Barn, erected in 1764.

After joining the Lloyd Harbor Historical Society one year ago, I fall asleep more easily. My wife and children appear to have greater regard for me and I have more energy.

While I can’t guarantee you will enjoy the same results, I can guarantee for only $50 it is worth a try. 

You are a busy person with much to accomplish. Reject the far greater poverty of indecision and delay. 

E-mail me today at frank@riverup.com, and I will drive over to pick up your check. You can also send a check to Lloyd Harbor Historical Society, 41 Lloyd Harbor Road, Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743. Or go online at https://lloydharborhistoricalsociety.org/membership/

You will be glad you did.

Frank Salerno and his wife, Mary Ellen, moved to Lloyd Neck 3 years ago following a 9-month sabbatical in NYC and 30 years in New Jersey.