Meet Chili!

Chili Robinson is a male Yorkie and turned 1-year-old in May. This adorable puppy belongs to a very special couple here on Lido Isle, Dr. Lance and Tina Robinson, or as I call them, “Uncle Lance and Aunt Tina.” Lance and Tina made the decision to get Chili after their three other dogs had sadly passed away. After mourning the loss of their beloved dogs, and when the time was right, the Robinsons set out to find their next family member. Looking for a female puppy at first, Chili captured their hearts. Aunt Tina said, “Instead of us choosing the dog, the dog chose us.”
There is an interesting story behind the naming of Chili. Get Shorty is a 1995 gangster comedy. For those of you familiar with the film, you may remember the super cool character, Chili Palmer. This character is the inspiration for the naming of Chili. Lance and Tina thought his character was awesome and was the perfect name for their tiny but mighty dog.
Chili has been through a lot in his 1 year of life. At a very young age, he had a serious surgery to remove a cancerous mass. If Chili did not undergo this surgery, it could have cost him his life. As Tina says, “Chili is a miracle dog.” Lance and Tina’s favorite qualities about Chili are just how loving he is and his big fun personality, “sometimes too much.” A funny story about Chili is that Tina has to close their guest bathroom door at all times, otherwise, Chili makes the habit of taking “bathroom breaks” in there. Chili happens to be a very spoiled puppy, or as Lance and Tina like to describe it, “It’s like grandparents raising an infant.”
The Robinson family’s home has been enriched so much by Chili. After their three dogs had passed, they did not want another pet, however, the house felt empty. After Chili entered their lives, he filled the house with great comedy, a bit of irritation, and a whole lot of fun! The house is filled with love once again. Chili manages to make friends with every animal on Lido that comes his way. If anyone wants to say hi to Chili, all you have to do is spot him at any park on Lido, and he will greet you with a big smile and a ton of energy. See you at the park, Chili!