Meet Jon & Gail Gray

Peaceful walks, amazing people, and Lido Beach. These are the things Jon and Gail Gray love most about living on Lido Isle. Since moving to the island about 2.5 years ago, they have enjoyed getting to know their neighbors and can be found finding reprieve at Lido Beach or enjoying dinner around the island with friends.
Jon and Gail first met when while attending San Diego State University. They have two children, Conner (23) and Tanner (19), and a cute Puggle named Dakota. Jon is an auto executive at Orange Coast Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram, a Lithia Motors Inc. company in Costa Mesa, while Gail heads their business, GritCycle, a boutique indoor cycling studio with multiple locations in California.
Jon and Gail first became part of the Grit community over 5 years ago and fell in love with it. With an abundance of high-intensity, full-body cycling classes available, they were able to clip in, let go, and have fun while dancing to the beat – on a bike, fully engaged as part of the Grit family. In the summer of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Grays had the rare opportunity to purchase GritCycle. As a couple, they knew they couldn’t pass up the chance to create as much joy as possible in a community they loved. As long-time loyal riders-turned-owners, they are committed to providing a welcoming studio where you can enjoy an incredible workout and consistent exceptional hospitality in all of their studios.
From day one, they have been focused on “culture and community” in their business. In fact, those were the first two words written on their whiteboard and what they use to filter every decision. A consistent thought is  “How is this going to affect culture and community?” In addition, they strive to empower and create opportunities for their staff and instructors to grow and develop. They’ve worked extremely hard to build trust within their team where everyone feels safe contributing their thoughts and suggestions to continually improve and provide the best experience to the Grit community.
Now two years later, Jon and Gail have taken great care to hire talented staff and instructors, provide the best equipment, and create an environment that is both challenging, energizing, and inspiring. Their studios are structured around the key fundamentals of happiness - physical fitness, connection, and giving - because at the end of the day, they just want their community to be happy. “When you see the smiles, the tears, the sweat, the energy, and the passion in the saddle room or after class, you realize what this is all about; making a difference and creating a safe place where everyone is welcome to be their authentic selves,” says Gail. “The connections we’ve made, and the smiles and tears of our own, is what we’ve enjoyed the most.”
One of the things they’re most proud of is hosting fundraisers and offering donation-based classes on a monthly basis that benefit local charities and non-profits. They recently held charity rides at all four of their spin studios to benefit  TACA (The Autism Community in Action). Rallying OC and Long Beach studios together during Autism Action Month, GritCycle and the small business community came together with passion for the cause donating their time, efforts and generous contributions through collaboration. In addition to TACA, they also support the local-based Pink Journey Foundation, Miracles for Kids, and the Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club where Gail regularly volunteers her time. With a degree in deaf education, she is also very involved in supporting the deaf community uncovering challenges and bringing light to the cause.
When the opportunity for down time arises, Jon and Gail enjoy spending time with friends and family time with their sons, Conner and Tanner. In addition to spin classes at GritCycle, Gail enjoys Pure Barre, while Jon paddleboards and enjoys challenging competition such as the Spartan Race! If you see them lounging on Lido Beach, walking Dakota around the island, or riding next to you at GritCycle, be sure to say hello. They enjoy meeting their Lido neighbors and would love to chat with you!
The Gray Family’s Favorites:
  • Restaurants: Malibu Farm, Lander’s, Trenta, Country Club
  • Vacation Destinations: Park City and Los Cabos
  • Sports Teams: Raiders, Angels, Stoke City
  • Family Traditions: Shima for the kids birthdays