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Shannon Silva

Shannon Silva

You are holding in your hands the first-ever issue of Stroll Lake Forest! The wait is over, and I am excited for you to experience this refreshed version of the neighborhood magazine you’ve come to expect and cherish.
The 2022 mantra of The N2 Company – the national brand that helps me build this magazine each month – is Level Up. Well, you just received your same monthly publication, only leveled up. 
Transitioning to Stroll has taken things to the next level in a few awesome ways: 
  • The magazine looks different, from the masthead and logo to the colors and font you’ll see throughout.
  • A few of our regular monthly features have been improved, like our [SPONSOR INDEX / RESIDENT BUSINESS GUIDE] and the Important Numbers page.
  • Last but not least, the webpage for Stroll Lake Forest has expanded to include new features like online articles and a digital sponsor index. Check it out by visiting strollmag.com and using the Find My Stroll feature.
Are YOU glad to officially be part of a Stroll neighborhood? After all, stroll means the good life. You're in a desirable community. You've worked hard to make this neighborhood your home. Stroll Lake Forest will continue to celebrate this by introducing you to neighbors who’ve also planted their roots here and to the local businesses who love serving the residents in this community.   
As always, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you think about this rebrand. Better yet, send a selfie or video of you with this issue to Shannon.Silva@n2pub.com
Enjoy this issue, and then enjoy a nice stroll down the block,
Shannon Silva
Publisher | Owner
Stroll Lake Forest
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Area Director

Cara Dezso

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Publishing Assistant

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Content Director

Live Kotkin
Event Coordinator

Lake Forest Resident-Contributors 

Michelle Saunders | Lake Forest Master Association
Manager Minute

Lisa Scott – Scott Realty Associates
Real Estate 101

Sherry and Gary Rumel
A Better and Healthier You

Daniella Hume
Around In Sanford

Jane DeVaughn
Travel Tales

John Brown
Book Review

Are you looking to contribute to Lake Forest magazine in 2022? I'm always looking for new writers to contribute. Please reach out to Shannon to become a part of the team!