Prolong the Life of Frozen Foods

An Easy At-Home Solution That Can Help

How It Works
  • Place your food in the zip-top bag and zip the seal, leaving about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) open.
  • Find a large container, such as a storage bin, large pot or even a 1 gallon (3.8 liter) pitcher and fill it with water (size depends on what you are trying to seal).
  • Slowly lower the bag of food into the water, until only the corner you left open is above the water.
  • Seal the remaining corner of the zip-top and remove the food from the water.
  • Allow the bag to dry off completely before placing it in the freezer.
This hack uses the natural pressure of a body of water to squeeze out a lot more air than you are normally capable of by hand. It contours the zip-top bag around the food almost like a glove, leaving very little air in the bag. Some air will ultimately remain in the bag, especially if you're freezing a more solid food, such as cooked chicken or steak. Air pockets will form between the chunks of food, so you might want to jostle the food a bit while it's underwater to try and squeeze out even more air.

While this isn’t quite as effective as a vacuum seal, it can prolong the shelf life of frozen foods in your freezer and it doesn't crush your food.
Did You Know?

When you buy a boxed container of cans, you don't have to empty them one by one.  
Just open one side of the box. Place the open end on the edge of a shelf. Open the other end and push forward moving all of the cans easily and straight on the shelf.