Fabulous Foxy

The Apple of My Eye

"Who rescued who?" – seems relevant to this day. Our dog, Foxy – a mixed breed of everything according to her DNA test – has brought us so much joy, happiness, and laughter with her crazy antics and aggressive behavior to ensure she gets the most, if not all, the attention. She has truly been a godsend, and I consider her transition to us divine intervention.
About seven years, while walking in a park I frequented 200+ times a year, I noticed a young lady with three dogs, two on leashes and one in her arms. Although they were all adorable, my attention zeroed in on one. Then, out of nowhere, a voice in my head was telling me, "That’s your dog." Although I felt a little crazy and even argued with the internal voice, I somehow knew that this adorable puppy was meant for me and my family.
As I was about to cross paths with the young lady, Desiree, I commented on how cute her crew was. She immediately let me know that Foxy was up for adoption. My heart melted inside, and I did my best to remain calm. I snapped a couple pictures and sent them to my husband, telling him we had a baby.
We exchanged information and planned on meeting the next day for a home visit. The whole family, me, my husband, and our four children, were ecstatic. Fortunately for us, Foxy had been worked with and came with a lot of training. The transition couldn’t have been smoother as she completely embraced her new pack.
Years later, she remains the apple of everyone’s eye. She loves to be in the mix of all our events, ensuring everyone is safe and that she gets the most pets. She loves pup-cups, walks, treats and begs for everyone’s food, no matter what it is. Her biggest dislike are baths – I think she’d rather eat dirt than get wet. To this day, we are grateful for her being such an integral part of our family. We love Foxy!