Decluttering your life in 2023!

Decluttering is more than just stashing some things away in some cute bins and slapping a label on them in your home and garage.  
Decluttering is about possibility. 
Decluttering is about your life and all the relationships you touch on a daily basis.  It’s about boundary, and rediscovery. About remembering who YOU are, and rediscovering your own value, not just in your home, but in yourself.
Once you’ve taken some time to honor yourself by organizing your living spaces in a society that sends us seemingly in every direction other than inward, you'll begin to realize a sense of clarity. You'll feel less overwhelm. You will notice less irritation with family members, your relationships will gently bend to receive you rather than duck and cover. You will begin to have more patience… for yourself. 
So how DO we take these strides to self? And what does organizing my home have to do with it?  

We begin by realizing a few very important points:
  1. You are not the only one with boxes unopened from 11 years ago, you are not the only one with an infinite loop of piled laundry and never-ending catch up. In fact, you are NOT your clutter, YOUR CLUTTER DOES NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. 
  2. Decluttering and organizing teams are not laughing at you, or grossed out by what we encounter. We see our service as an opportunity to reach you when you get lost, to extend compassion, to help you get ahead. 
  3. YOUR HOME IS A RELATIONSHIP. Yes, that’s right. Your home is a living, dynamic entity with which you can interact, play with and fall into for a comforting embrace.

You may ask, how do I begin?

Calling on Clutteroo is a great first step! Together we can move through the process of designating drawers and ditching the shame tucked away in your corners.  Our Mob arrives with expertise and empathy to begin, then we help realize the root causes and motor patterns associated with the WHY of the overwhelm.  As we sort, declutter, donate and help you sell items which no longer serve you, we show you how to keep spaces manageable with real-life tools that take little time, but yield big rewards!
Frankly, we can all use an extra dose of self-worth and hope right now, and this can begin as you rekindle your relationship with your home.
YOU, after all, are what you can control, and that’s a pretty darn, good place to start.

Charlie and Hudson
Team Clutteroo… here for yoo!