Sanford school aims to help fill void in medical field

The need for qualified medical professionals has never been greater due to the global pandemic.



The need for qualified medical professionals has never been greater due to the global pandemic. That is where a Sanford school is trying to fill the gap. Low-cost vocational school AUDERE Technical Institute offers career programs providing a skill set for a specific job in the health sector. They have programs that start at only four weeks, with the longest lasting nine months.  

The goal is for their students to benefit from doing short-term programs that will save them time and money with the hope of getting them instantly employed upon completion. Admissions Coordinator Nicole Vazquez said this allows their students to start a profession and evaluate if this is a path they would like to take even further. 

"Ideally, you don't want to realize that the program you choose is not the right path after spending four years and thousands of dollars later," Vazquez said. "Plus, once you are in the medical field, you will be able to grow, network and branch out." 

AUDERE is also a bilingual school offering various allied health programs. From medical assistants and home health aides to phlebotomy and electrocardiogram technicians, students have a range of options. The Sanford school hosts a variety of seminars and training classes, such as CPR and English as a second language.  

"We are a people-driven institute and try to accommodate our programs based on the needs of our students. Our staff considers our students' work and life schedule, among other factors." Vazquez told us. "That is the difference between other colleges and us." 

AUDERE is partners with several clinics and home health agencies in the region. This allows them to help students with placement after completion while creating in-network connections and achieving their curriculum hours. Vazquez told us they support their students with resume creation, interview preparation, and placement for employment.  

"We are affiliates with the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and Medca," Vazquez said. "Our goal is to certify our students at the highest level for their future."