Meet Magill

Hello, I’On! My name is Magill. I’m 11 years old. I was born in Texas and came to Mount Pleasant and I’On when I was 8 weeks old via Charlotte Douglas airport where my parents picked me up after passing an interview and testing administered by my travel escort. I stayed in my under-seat carrier while my parents were interviewed so there was no chance of me being taken or bolting about the the terminal. I’m sure glad my parents passed the test and were allowed to bring me home with them! I live a good life.

Actually, I’m the Prince of the house because Prince is what my litter mates called me before I got my permanent name of Magill. Many people call me Miguel, which I don’t mind. I answer to that and many other nicknames. If any of you out there are Beatles fans you may recognize my name from the song, Rocky Raccoon. That’s where my parents got my name even though I’m a boy and her name was Magill, she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy”.

We moved from I’On when I was 2 but moved back 2 years later and have been here ever since. I love I’On! Even though I’m not as keen on walking the neighborhood these days as I used to be, I like standing guard on my front porch and “greeting” passersby with a friendly woof. I especially like it when we have visitors to our door, be they workers (we have a lot of them), the FedEx, Amazon or UPS lady, or visitors. No one gets past me without a friendly woof and a lick/kiss from me whether they like it or not.

I enjoy sunbathing in my courtyard or my sun-bed hammock. I also like to travel. At last count, they tell me I’ve been to at least 30 states. I like the mountains and beaches the most so my favorites have been Colorado, North Carolina, and Vermont for mountains. For beaches, in addition to my local favorite IOP, I enjoyed camping by the beach and rolling in the sand on the Outer Banks.

Because I have a smushed face and am not real fond of the summer heat here, my favorite times of year are spring and fall. In fact, my favorite day of the year and my favorite thing about I’On is Halloween. I greet the many trick-or-treaters and play with all our friends and family who come for the festivities of Halloween in I’On. It is super fun and is getting fun now that we have some little humans in the extended family that trick-or-treat themselves or will be trick-or-treating in just a few years. My parents are trying to teach me not to bark when babies cry or when they are napping. That is hard for me, but I love my little niece and nephew and give them a gentle lick whenever possible.

I have a great life in I’On and look forward to seeing many of you pass by my porch as I lounge on my swing bed or run briskly along the porch rails to say hello.

Until we talk again, I wish you all a beautiful end of spring and a funtastic summer!