Meet Audrey Cadwallader and Family

From World Traveler to Fashion Designer

In January of 2022, my children and I summited Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa. After this amazing experience, I went to Jaipur to look into having a rug made. I used to travel the world climbing the high mountains, but then I ran across the Colors of India and their craftsmanship became a marvel to me. I first went to India in 2020, just as the retched pandemic was starting to cause worldwide panic, where we searched for Snow Leopards. With the time change and length of the flight, my travel buddies and I stopped off in Jaipur and Ranthambore before heading north to the Leh and Ladakh area. As we toured Jaipur, I was intrigued by the allure of the fabrics, hues, colors, and textures. My love of design and all things beautiful has always been an intrinsic part of me. The prospect of designing custom clothing captivated me from the start. I took this thought with me as we continued to travel north of India. I met two exporters while in Jaipur and followed up with them after I returned to the US. The opportunity to create my own designs, and the ability to choose from the multitude of beautiful block print fabrics was thrilling for me. Covid had crushed the tourism business in India and they were desperate for work and were willing to help me with my new quest.  Hence, the beginning of Ananya by Rose. Despite my lack of formal training in apparel design, the desire to explore this avenue only grew stronger. I started small and I was scared. The debut of the collection was a thrilling moment, as I was greeted by a warm and welcoming audience. Since our inception, we have been fortunate to continue evolving and growing.

This story is not all a fairy tale! The bad news was, that I couldn’t continue alone with the demands of technology, sales, and design and almost dissolved the company. The good news is my son Tim and his girlfriend Jessica, have moved from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to help me with my dream. They are creating the website and helping me with the “pop-up” events for people to see and buy our clothing. We will host a pop-up event on Wednesday, April 24th from 1-6 pm, after I return from my next trip to India. Please feel free to come and meet our family at our house 105 Jakes Lane. Piper, our silver lab, will offer big hugs and will welcome tummy rubs upon your arrival.

We love living in I’On! We moved permanently to Maine in the winter of 2019 after unexpectedly, but happily, selling our home in Darien, Connecticut. After a rugged winter with Covid and the grip of Maine’s wind and cold, we needed an escape and flew to Charleston in May of 2020. With gloves and masks on, we were only 2 of 4 people on the airplane, something I hope we never see again. While visiting here in I’On, we discovered that this community was full of warm and friendly families, and decided to actively look for a house to buy as our love for I’on grew. Our stars were aligned and we lucked out when we found our wonderful home on Jake’s Lane. With every walk we took and the more we saw of I’On, we fell more in love with the community and felt right at home. We couldn’t be happier here, except we are missing our daughter Lauren, who is in Petaluma, California working and living there. 

We look forward to meeting more of this wonderful community and hope y’all can come to see our collection and meet the team!

Audrey Cadwallader
Ananya by Rose