The Elebash Family

Living and Loving I'On from Near and Far

In the spring of 2001, LeGrand and Allison Elebash had a decision to make – LeGrand was preparing to graduate from Harvard Business School’s MBA program and had a job offer with a Boston tech startup, but his family’s real estate business in Charleston was beckoning. During an Easter visit that year, LeGrand and Allison left a chilly Boston to visit Charleston on a perfect spring day, complete with blue skies, blooming azaleas, and temperatures in the 70’s. “We walked around Charleston on this perfect spring day and asked ourselves, “what are we doing in Boston?’’ recounts Allison. The decision became an easy one, and the couple decided to move with their children, Hudson (age 3 at the time) and Chloe (6 months), to a new community called I’On. During LeGrand’s tour of duty as a Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot in Beaufort, SC, the couple had lived in their first home together in Newpoint, a traditional neighborhood development that became part of the planning DNA for I’On, so the neighborhood was a perfect fit. LeGrand notes, “We immediately fell in love with I’On’s urbanism which reminded us of Beaufort and Charleston. We knew that I’On would be the perfect place to raise our children.”    

LeGrand's career in Charleston real estate led him into neighborhood development, including a stint as I’On Company’s Chief Operating Officer from 2004 to 2007. During that time he served not only as COO, but also as the developer’s last representative in the I’On Assembly, and the Chair of the board of the I’On Trust – “It was a really gratifying experience being part of the team that brought the vision for I’On to life. I learned so much about what makes a great neighborhood truly great.” 

In 2008, the Elebash family accepted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to the Caribbean island of St Kitts to manage the launch of Kiawah Partners’ new resort, Christophe Harbour. With Hudson and Chloe now in second and fifth grade, they were at ages where they could truly appreciate the adventure of island living and it became a formative experience for the whole family. It was in St. Kitts where Allison pivoted her career from mental health therapy (she holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama), to the world of luxury interior design. While LeGrand was managing the launch of the new resort, Allison was hired by Kiawah Partners to oversee the interior design of key areas such as the Sales Center, the Beach Club, and the first villas offered for sale. “Christophe Harbour was an incredible place to launch my interior design career! I was so inspired by the natural beauty of the island, and at the same time I had to learn the logistics of the design business in an extremely challenging location.”

The Elebash’s maintained a home in I’On throughout their tour of duty in the Caribbean – having sold their first home on Eastlake Road in 2006, they subsequently sold their second home on North Shelmore while living abroad. They became renters for the balance of their overseas tour, living first as tenants in a home on Sowell before landing an Ionsborough rental in 2012. “When you live and work as an expat on a small island, it is very comforting to maintain a foothold back in the US ,” Allison recalls, “we never wanted to feel that we had cut the cord with I’On entirely, and we loved spending important holidays back in I’On as a family.”  In 2014 the Elebash’s purchased the home at 114 Ionsborough St from their landlord and it has been their home ever since. LeGrand sums up some of the reasons they fell in love with their current home: “The view from the front of our house includes Patience Park and the beautifully designed homes around it, which reminds us of the urbanism of historic Charleston. But our backyard view is The Rookery… when you’re on our back patio you might as well be in Awendaw, with a forest of trees and tons of wildlife.” 

Hudson and Chloe are among the original kids of I’On, where they both learned to swim, how to ride bikes and scooters, and eventually how to drive. Hudson is now 25 and a graduate of Clemson, finishing his two year analyst program at the Private Bank at Bank of America in New York. Chloe, now 23, is a recent graduate of Washington and Lee University and has joined the sales team at The Urban Electric Co. helping to sell handmade luxury lighting produced here in Charleston.

The Elebash’s are not only homeowners in I’On, but also invested in a commercial space in I’On Square where Allison’s design business is headquartered. She has recently received the honor of being Southern Living Magazine’s 2024 Idea House designer and she has numerous design projects around the area. LeGrand has been a highly successful real estate agent among the top 1% of area agents, and is now working at William Means Real Estate, right in the heart of I’On Square. You might see Allison and LeGrand on one of their frequent walks around the neighborhood with their Australian Labradoodle, Bennie, or at one of their favorite neighborhood gathering spots like Saint Urban’s having a glass of wine. “We’ve been in I’On for 23 years and can’t picture ourselves living anywhere else!”