Meet River, Montey, and Stewie!

While they are all very different in personalities and ages, they are all rescued male Tabby Cats.
First came Stewie, who was born outdoors during the winter in our previous neighborhood and is now 14 years old. He was named after Stewie from the Family Guy ... after much household debate. He doesn't play like he did when he was younger, but he is a talker and is as loyal as they come! He will be right by your side while you are sleeping, watching TV, or even working from home for school or work. If you are a visitor to the house, don't expect to see him as he'll be under the covers hiding until you leave for sure!   

Next came Montey, who came to us at 10 months old by way of Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF) when they were having an open house event at PetValu in Honeygo Village. It was a sad time for us because we had suddenly lost our 5-year-old rescue, Tabby named Raven, to an unknown medical condition. We were heartbroken, but after hearing Montey's story from the AARF Foster Team, we knew we could provide a good home for him, and he helped us through the healing process. He is our mischievous instigator – always up for a good game of tag and the leader of the pack.
With Stewie being older and Montey so playful, we quickly realized we needed a playmate for Montey, so we contacted AARF again to rescue a 4-month-old Tabby named River. He was not only the perfect playmate Montey needed but also an amazing addition to our family. He is Paige's shadow, following her wherever she goes, including watching out the window when she leaves for school each day and waiting for her by the door when she returns home. He fetches toys just like a dog, is very talkative and loves to snuggle. Be careful not to leave your Starbucks cup because he will steal the green stopper out of the top as a new toy within seconds of you walking away! He, too, can be mischievous, but that is all part of his charm.
Many thanks to all the rescue organizations and fosters out there doing wonderful work to save animals and bring joy to families, just as Stewie, Montey, and River have done for us!