Welcome to Biscuit’s World!

“It’s Biscuit’s world; we just live in it.”

“It’s Biscuit’s world; we just live in it,” says Kellie Medford of the family’s long-haired domestic orange tabby. The feline came to live with the Medfords during the pandemic when their daughter Adelaide returned home from Ole Miss.
Kellie says Biscuit is most attached to her husband Fleet, despite having spent a year in Oxford, MS, with Adelaide before COVID shut things down. “The rest of us are servants,” Kellie notes. “Here to play with him, feed him, and let him in or out.”
Adelaide fostered and then adopted Biscuit from an Oxford shelter. Her parents originally objected to the idea of a pet cat because they feared it would jeopardize her lease. But Adelaide fell in love and adopted the kitty. Her parents found what they called a “nameless yellow floof” looking right at home when they next visited. Now, the four-year-old tabby lives with Kellie, Fleet, their son Wood, and Adelaide in Club Forest.
Biscuit’s official task is resident exterminator, notes Kellie. He kills any kind of rodent, even squirrels. She jokes that she has to work overtime to make sure Biscuit doesn’t bring a dead animal into the house while she is seeing her KHM Jewelry clients.
Biscuit has a bevy of nicknames, including Poodle Pants, Beans, Beeeesk, Tooter, Skeeters, Golden Lion, Assassin, and Spicy Beans. He loves to sleep on Kellie’s feet and is not fond of visitors or the garbage truck.
Despite original objections to another animal after losing four in quick succession, Kellie says Biscuit has “satiated our hunger for a pet even after we said, ‘no more.’ It turns out there was room on our plate for one more Biscuit.”