Kate Englebrecht

The Home Organization Extraordinaire and Founder of the Home Love Method

“Tidying up is like never having had a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee before,” says Kate Englebrecht. “If someone could describe what chocolate or coffee is like, there is a complete difference between trying it for yourself and hearing about it.” Having a clean and organized house can be life-changing.
Find Order and Balance
In an era where our lives can sometimes feel cluttered and chaotic, imagine the difference when you can find order, balance, and, most importantly, joy in your home. Kate Englebrecht, a renowned Home Organization Expert, Home Stager, Master KonMari® Consultant, and Public Speaker, has made it her life's mission to help individuals discover the bliss of living in a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing space through her signature Home Love Method.
A Passion Ignited in Childhood
Kate's journey into the world of home organization started long before her professional career took off. Even as a child, she had a natural inclination for tidying up her space. She vividly recalls the magical moments she shared with her mother, rearranging toys and furniture in her room each Saturday morning. This early fascination with organizing set the stage for her future career, which would later become her true calling.
As she navigated through college with a major in a foreign language, Kate found herself unable to focus in cluttered environments. It was then that she realized the profound impact of a clutter-free space on her well-being. "I felt like there was no other option," she says, reflecting on her struggle to work in disarray.
As she honed her organizational skills over the years, Kate launched her home organization business in 2005, embarking on a journey that would lead to an ever-evolving career path.
The Birth of Home Love Method
Kate's business initially started under the name "Call Kate," offering a variety of services that ranged from house-sitting to dog-sitting and office filing for business owners. However, in 2022, she rebranded her company as the "Home Love Method" to better reflect her vision. It was the beginning of a transformative journey for both Kate and the women she would go on to employ.

Since 2014, she expanded her team to over 34 independent contractors, predominantly women, providing them with opportunities to work on flexible schedules. Kate's approach empowers these women to be creative in their roles, instilling trust in their abilities. She aims to mentor and guide them, helping them gain the confidence and competence they need to succeed as entrepreneurs, just as she had.
Her work goes beyond organizing homes; it's about uplifting women and encouraging them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
The Intuitive Organizational System
Kate's approach to home organization is far from one-size-fits-all. She customizes her methods to suit the unique needs of each household. Whether it's transforming a kitchen to support a school child's lunch preparation or helping a retired couple organize their space efficiently, Kate tailors her services to optimize functionality and reduce clutter.
“It’s a really wonderful and energizing experience when you let the clutter go," Kate passionately states.
As the only Master KonMari Consultant in Colorado, Kate has over 1500 hours of experience helping individuals embrace the KonMari method since 2018. This method, developed by Marie Kondo, focuses on decluttering and organizing spaces, helping people find joy in their possessions. Kate adapts these principles to create personalized organizational solutions for her clients.
The Magic of Tidying Up
Kate recommends starting the tidying process with clothes, as it's often the easiest category to declutter and aligns with the KonMari approach. Sorting through one's wardrobe allows clients to rediscover their style preferences and part ways with items that no longer serve them. Kate firmly believes that tidying up is like experiencing the magic of something new. It's about giving your home a fresh start, even without major renovations.
Another reason to get organized? Know what you have in your house. “Things can also get lost,” adds Kate. She often hears from clients, “I had no idea how much I had.” Or they find things that they had been missing for a long time. Organization can fix these concerns with ease.
A Path to Liberation
For Kate, a tidy home is a path to liberation, a way to release the burdens of clutter and chaos. She encourages her clients to see their living spaces as a reflection of their identity and the life they want to lead. Her clients often find that as they declutter, their self-perception and entire outlook on life change. 

Expect more quality time for yourself and your family after tidying up. Although the stuff will eventually go, the memories of your life will stay forever.
Don’t expect to live in a museum. Kate emphasizes that your home is not meant to resemble a picture from a magazine but is intended to be lived in and loved. The essence of her Home Love Method is to make managing your home a breeze, ensuring that tidying up doesn't become an overwhelming chore but a delightful experience.
After 19 years of professional experience and 42 years personally in the field of home organization, Kate Englebrecht stands as a true authority in her domain. Her journey from a passionate child organizer to a celebrated Home Love Method guru has touched the lives of countless individuals, helping them find joy in their homes, one organized space at a time. 
For more information on the Home Love Method, check out her website, www.homelovemethod.com