Say Hello to the Portwoods!

Love comes when you least expect it. Such was the case for Rob and Crystalyn Portwood. 

Crystalyn shares, “After running around with Rob’s group of friends and after dating his roommate, I was convinced that Rob was secretly into me. After months of ‘being friends,’ I got him to kiss me one night. From there, we decided to keep it under wraps.” All was secret until their group of friends caught them kissing one night! 

Rob, however, has a much simpler version of events. “I was into Crystalyn first,” he points out. Regardless of what story you believe, Crystalyn shares, “Once we locked lips, we were inseparable and tied the knot drama-free over 2 years later. Friends make for the BEST relationships!” 

Loving Life in Hilltop
Rob and Crystalyn moved into their first house in Hilltop in 2015. After they had their two kids, Grant (6) and Lottie (4), they moved just one street over on the same block. “You might have seen us rolling our grill from one house to the next,” jokes Crystalyn.

It’s home sweet home. “We love our streets and the neighbors on it,” says Rob. Dexter has been a long-standing street of fun-loving families. They've established cherished traditions like the summer block party and holiday celebration. These events bring neighbors from all walks of life, creating a diverse and welcoming community.

The Portwoods also appreciate the proximity to their children's school, Steck, which is just a few blocks away. Being able to walk or bike to school with the kids each morning is a highlight. They also take full advantage of the local dining options, enjoying easy access to Cherry Creek North and 9+CO restaurants and nightlife.

Beyond that, they've formed strong bonds with other families in Hilltop, making it easy to organize impromptu get-togethers. Their love for spontaneous gatherings and the shared front yard hangouts help them find community and connection. 

Rob and Crystalyn’s Background 
Both Rob and Crystalyn were born and raised in Utah. Rob was fortunate enough to live just steps from the slopes growing up in Park City, a place unlike any other.  Crystalyn grew up north of Salt Lake City in Ogden, which has boomed since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. But after marrying in Salt Lake in 2008, they have moved all over the Midwest for school and work, including Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Crystalyn says, “We don't plan on moving ever again and are confident Denver will be our home for the foreseeable future!”

Professionally, Rob has the more serious or intense job as he serves as an executive for UC Health. Crystalyn’s job has always brought a lot of fun to the family. After spending the first 15 years of her career in radio management running iHeartMedia (allowing her to see and meet every band imaginable), she made the switch to the advertising side of the industry 5 years ago. Now she runs global growth for a large ad agency, Merkle/dentsu.   

Meet the Kids 
Grant and Lottie have their own interests. Grant enjoys playing Rapids soccer with his Steck first-grade buddies and has a natural talent for basketball, especially since both of his parents are extremely tall! His love for the slopes shines through as he confidently tells everyone that he can handle double black diamond runs.

Lottie is beginning to explore dance and tennis, but she also enjoys experimenting with mom’s makeup, painting her nails, making funny videos, and even charming her older brother's friends.
Family Fun
As a family, the Portwoods enjoy exploring the outdoors or at their place in Winter Park. Or you can catch them pedaling the neighborhood on their e-bikes, checking out any open houses to get ideas for their upcoming remodel. On weekends, Rob enjoys waking up early with the kids to make a delicious breakfast spread while letting Crystalyn sleep in. 

As for relaxation, it's a bit of a challenge with two energetic kids. However, the Portwoods love live music and concerts. They also enjoy their time on the slopes, aiming for 20-30 days of skiing each season. Spontaneous vacations are a big part of their lives. Their travel experiences have taken them to amazing destinations like the Azores Islands off Portugal, Thailand, Croatia, Greece, New Zealand's Milford Sound, and Stellenbosch in South Africa.

While pets are not part of the Portwood family just yet, their kids have already expressed their wishes for a future kitty cat and guinea pig. For now, the Portwoods are waiting patiently as they continue with their home remodel and await the day when their kids are old enough to care for their new furry friends.

We are honored to feature the Portwoods in this month’s issue. Be sure to say hello to them when you see them out and about. They would love to meet more friendly folks here in Hilltop (and that means you!).