Barbara Froula & Tim Adams

Making the World a More Beautiful Place, One Painting at a Time!

“I’m inspired by what is around me,” says renowned artist Barbara Froula. With her talent and skill, she intertwines architecture and art, resulting in captivating watercolor and oil paintings that celebrate historic buildings, cityscapes, and landscapes.
Initially trained in architecture, Barbara pursued her degree at Auburn University and the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, acquiring a deep appreciation for architectural aesthetics. When economic challenges hit the architecture industry in the 1980s, Barbara's path veered towards art as a creative outlet. Her paintings resonated with people.
Based in Denver, Barbara's work has had a significant impact, particularly in historic preservation projects. She's collaborated with organizations like Historic Denver and Historic Boulder, contributing to the cities' cultural heritage by capturing iconic landmarks and neighborhoods in her artwork.
“People were buying my paintings to remember Denver,” she explains. “By painting local Denver scenes, my art career took off,” she says with a heart of gratitude. One painting led to another as Barbara found herself busy. With 25 different posters for Historic Denver, several book covers and hundreds of note cards, people delighted in the scenes she depicted. Paintings became alive with skylines and cityscapes as well as mountain scenes of Vail and Boulder.
Inspired through Travel
“I also paint when I travel,” says Barbara. “I just paint every beautiful place that we visit, whether in Africa, Egypt, or all over Europe.” Her love of painting when traveling dates back to her days at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. “When I was a student and I lived in Europe for a year, I painted on location.” Now wherever Barbara goes, she paints.

“I did over a hundred paintings in Prague,” she comments. Her followers can see her work for themselves in her book on Prague, Prague Between History and Dreams. This expansive work took eight trips to Prague to complete.

Painting is a pure delight for this talented artist. As Barbara says, “Painting when I travel is an ongoing treat.” She likes to paint anywhere she goes, eager to capture breathtaking sites, the architecture of buildings, and anything that captures her inspiration, including the Cranmer Park Sundial.

A Unique Studio
One of the standout aspects of Barbara's journey is her unique studio gallery on a Boulder mountain ridge. As an architect, she designed a space that marries with its environment, offering stunning views and a serene atmosphere. As she says, “I designed a house in a very challenging location with beautiful views.” This gallery serves as a creative haven to showcase her work. The second floor of the house, located 10 minutes from Pearl Street, serves as the studio gallery with the living space capturing views on the third level in this inverted home. Visits are available by appointment.
A Wonderful Life
When not painting, you can find Barbara cherishing time with her husband, Tim Adams, a retired pediatric dentist who was very popular with kids. With his office in Cherry Creek, he enjoyed biking to work from Hilltop. “That’s one of the reasons we loved being in Hilltop,” explains Barbara. “It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood and it’s easy to get places.”
Now they are enjoying a leisurely pace of life, including hiking, having friends over for dinner, and attending film festivals. Recently, they attended the Boulder Environmental Nature and Outdoor Film Festival (BENOFF). This happy couple also has their own interests. Tim enjoys mushroom hunting and Barbara relishes cooking with the family.
They love living in Hilltop, especially since it’s where they raised their sons. Barbara has memories of them riding bikes, skateboarding, playing with their yellow lab Mandy and shooting hoops. Their son Dan honed his baseball skills at Robinson Park.  “I had space in the backyard to put in a swimming pool,” she adds. They savor having fun in the sun in their yard and pool.
An Inspiration 
Barbara is an inspiration, sharing her talent for the world to celebrate. To explore Barbara's watercolor paintings and learn about her showings, visit her website at Through her creations, she invites us to appreciate the intricate details that make architecture and nature truly remarkable, one painting at a time.