Meet Turdy!

The Resident Russian Tortoise

Who would have thought that a Russian Tortoise would call Hilltop home, but “Turdy the turtle” is a true neighborhood tortoise. Turdy lives at home on Forrest Street with veterinarian mom Rachel Fishman, dad Daniel Weiner, three young girls, and a dog as a brother. 

This Tortoise lives a true Hilltop lifestyle. He soaks up the Colorado sun as he watches over his small kingdom. Turdy always checks out each guest to the home with his overlook over the couch and living room.

Turdy enjoys going on brisk walks through the art supplies and parading through his miniature jungle. In the summer, Turdy stays on vacation in his outdoor mansion enjoying the Denver sun. In the winter he comes back indoors to his getaway terrarium. 

Turdy also partakes in a strictly vegan diet. Every day he slowly munches down on lettuce and other vegetables as he looks out his window onto the street. Turdy has a great view of the Colorado Mountains which he takes in while resting in his hammock. 

So there you have it – Turdy the Russian Tortoise, the coolest resident of Hilltop! From jungle strolls to veggie munching, Turdy brings a touch of playfulness to the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for this slow-motion superstar next time you're on Forrest Street – Turdy's making Hilltop a bit more fun. You could just call him a pretty big shell-ebrity!