Foster Fête

Every Child Deserves a Birthday Celebration

Renee Schneider, a Denver native, is the founder of a local non-profit called Foster Fête (fête is a French word that means “to celebrate”).  Foster Fete’s mission is to make birthdays bright for kids in foster care, and to let these kids know that they are worthy of being celebrated!  Started in 2021, this organization has reached over 1000 children in the Denver metro area! Renee and her husband, Scott, met at Thomas Jefferson High School, and have been married for 12 years. They have a vivacious 7-year-old daughter, named Vivienne, who spends all of her time doing cartwheels around the house and playing with her stuffed animal, Drac. Renee and her family live on Ash St., and you may see them walking their teddy-bear-looking dog, Fenway (yes, they lived in Boston)! In their free time, they love to travel, try new restaurants, and are learning how to play pickleball.
Renee worked as a perioperative nurse but decided to stay home with her young daughter during the pandemic. One day, she read an article about how a foster child received a birthday card for the first time and cried with happiness. Of all of the problems, this seemed like an easy one to do something about. A month later, Foster Fête was legally formed thanks to a lot of time spent googling “how to start a nonprofit”. With over 4500 foster children in Colorado, and only 2300 foster homes, birthdays can be missed due to financial and time constraints. Foster Fête works in partnership with Denver Health, Denver Human Services and various agencies to provide birthday bags stuffed with presents to both foster and kinship families. This organization also provides custom birthday celebrations to foster kids which include a cake, balloons and presents. Each child is asked ahead of time for something they need, and something they want, and Foster Fête makes both of these happen (plus gifting many other items)! Foster Fête strongly believes that every child should experience the joy of being celebrated, and they strive to make these birthdays the best one yet for each child! Their goal is to enrich their lives with intangible things such as hope, kindness, and stability from the community.  Since their inception in February of 2021, they have celebrated 1073 birthdays to date (and counting)!

Foster Fête is a 501(c)(3) that is comprised of 100% volunteers, which means they rely heavily on donations from members of the community. Please head to their website at, to make a donation or buy a gift from a child’s wish list! You can also follow their latest celebrations on IG, @fosterfete.